Health Care for Heroes

Veteran military dogs are being offered free medical care, thanks to generous organizations.
2:55 | 11/13/14

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Transcript for Health Care for Heroes
Or. Why would talk about veterans day and this is a good time to talk about the military dogs. This is a nice honor all are nice nice. Gesture by the American humane society. Teaming up new Jersey's red bank veterinary hospital. They are going to fall for free medical care for the nation's. Coaches who are best. That they don't they're not guarantee medical. Treatment after they retire from the military so how big step in to make this announcement right around veterans day so this is a nice thing to do the entering the hospital you can take the dogs into any of those hospitals and they are guaranteed now free care. After their military life. I love that because people don't realize they're under the same stresses as the soldiers. And they take care so much when they're out there and see them come back cannot get the care is just soak up so now I love that good story today. Thank you from Atlanta. But what babies at baby is elevated but take a look at this baby who discovers a musical cards. We got to guard when the music stops he tries to open it up again. Dances you did at school yesterday laying on Good Morning America about what people have dancing. We're value late night he'd definitely not be done he may not be death disease and movement means he's gotten he's gotten. Yeah. Love and held in the Google guys I think he's probably six months six months and even maybe five well it's oh got one more here. They've basic question. To the chain saw in your fans or. No it isn't so there's a real familiar figure I'll let down map he needs a chainsaw yeah. Now we naturally you're stealing a chain saw Howard you know put it. Not when your chainsaw down his pants. Yes isn't port saint Lucie Florida is the lawn equipment stored big guy who puts a chainsaw down his pants and things nobody is going to notice that. It's not even of clocks if this looks you have to change from down his pants I didn't could turn and into the gone terribly or Iraq here Palme but the guy I want to give him credit here. That is Anthony balance OK twenty years old again that Anthony Ballard he was later caught he didn't get out of the storm tossed it. Somewhere and yet got a call when he tried to go back. But you see this store clerk he kind of what do you like this he noted this is happening to united so I did not cameras kind of arguments. I know my fellow Floridians we try to protect you guys community kind of things I know there might be putting me but ended up sports stories in. How desperate of the job that he had to do that you needed to put the game some people to decide out of Florida.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Veteran military dogs are being offered free medical care, thanks to generous organizations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26880454","title":"Health Care for Heroes","url":"/WNN/video/health-care-heroes-26880454"}