Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips

ABC's Tina Trinh heads to Peter Callahan Catering to whip up healthy alternatives to some of your favorite holiday treats.
3:32 | 12/21/15

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Transcript for Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips
So in just a couple of weeks of course Americans will be kicking into gear at the gym trying to lose that extra weight put on over the holidays are over the last year. But why wait until then to make a healthier choice how come. We're back into that segment helping to read what Chris got. Especially you. I'm a hard times they noted treats apparently Tina trend is in the insomniac kitchen for a secret ingredients we'll take it. Hey insomniacs happy holidays I'm here today in the kitchen with Peter Callahan is Peter Callahan catering. We're talking holiday entertaining. That's nineteen. So for our first recipe we're doing today it's popcorn. But rather than using. Partner shortening or vegetable oil. We are going to make it today with. A coconut oil itself white -- company nor its organic. Find and it's cold pressed him for Dallas popcorn let's get your. Found the form of Washington yeah. Morning news Austin things. Macadamia nuts who got shaved coconut and thought that slavery. All. White chocolate that was melted. Four got sort of holidays whites. Winter wonderland and going. This is in this twist on your popcorn. All right we had some popcorn and now we're moving on to this trip. Yes so now that you've had normal popcorn illness and funeral hard we've got here flying juice lime juice orange zest. Coconut oil lemon zest cool parts it will fall so all of these get dumped him. So then you just you know it is and news make a great example. Our tenants know 350. He Kennedy should look gorgeous banking and numbers so fast news and attract one. Transit and small mind. I like the one Jesus secrecy of it really comes. Parents. Looks alright for dessert we got aids but they're actually little by way in their eyes. I think we're going to take this to sort of seismic. For art art Shell's. Now we ideas and we're just slapped with whatever that makes it. What the cops start off by two the two kinds. Go in the bottom of each fallen. Then. Here this haulers. Mix together so this is all of the Irvington is the brown sugar when served an angst all mixed together and Israeli then. RA saying the taste. And nice crunch suggests the right size to it's a little bit of sweetness. When your glass of wine. Happy holidays happy holiday season.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh heads to Peter Callahan Catering to whip up healthy alternatives to some of your favorite holiday treats. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35882704","title":"Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips ","url":"/WNN/video/healthy-holiday-cooking-tips-35882704"}