Heat Up That Winter with the Swimsuit Issue

Sports Illustrated unveils the cover for the Swimsuit Issue on "Jimmy Kimmel Live".
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heat Up That Winter with the Swimsuit Issue
Time now for the steady and we start this morning -- -- skinny and. Plenty -- -- -- that -- Sports Illustrated marking the fiftieth anniversary of the swimsuit issue with three models on the cover and this year's unveiling. Took place last night on Jimmy Kimmel -- On -- -- you. One billion dollars three cover model. Now -- OK I -- like me asking what. Swimsuits but if you look closely there there kind of I don't know how closely ever want to -- you might -- it would get a little closer that I am. Ellis Wyms it there are not good local boy good battle -- the mayor plans all right Christy. Nina I'm dull and Lily Aldridge they -- the first multiple models agrees the magazine's swimsuit issue cover. Since 2006. So there's an idea for Valentine's -- also have signaled that they ends on the night. Did you a copy of that. I tell a barrel had a reputation at the ladies' man but after kicking drugs and alcohol back in 2005 he was that this terrified of having sex. Hits -- just -- in an interview and Elle Magazine that winter's tale star opens up about his fears Ferrell says that the spending fifteen years being high. Heating digging could talk if he were sober he gets very personal thing the first time he had sex sober. As one of the most terrifying moments of his life. But he says he's been cleared clean now for eight years and it seems he working out. TV legend Betty White says she has a very special date for Valentine's Day gotta love -- she tells People Magazine that she plans to stay home for the entire day. Hanging out with -- live in love which is a Golden Retriever named Pontiac about something. Great Valentine's. Well today -- at -- may not sound that -- usual but it's actually a rare treat for the just turned 92 year old. -- she works full time on -- TV land show hot in Cleveland. I just this week she wouldn't guest host for WW -- Monday night from. Wrong I can tell -- -- Larry won't want things she says she plans to do it every crossword puzzle she can get our hands on. She's. It's just unbelievable 92 years you really can't say those crossword -- keep your mind sharp -- -- as you -- -- through clearly on -- are right now what fashion note from the Olympics social media -- think about the outfits worn by NBC figure skating analyst John we're. They are bright colorful and very Johnny he's even been posting -- each -- on instead -- Twitter. Posing in front of the television truck before he goes into the Pittsburgh skating palace yes some are calling this one -- the Pink -- look I -- Yes -- got the best pair decided Bruno Mars. And many are calling a fashion show by the two time Olympic champion and three time US champ the best part of the Olympics -- here --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sports Illustrated unveils the cover for the Swimsuit Issue on \"Jimmy Kimmel Live\".","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22512393","title":"Heat Up That Winter with the Swimsuit Issue","url":"/WNN/video/heat-winter-swimsuit-issue-22512393"}