Heidi Klum Rescues Son

The supermodel pulls her son from dangerous riptides while on vacation in Hawaii.
4:15 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for Heidi Klum Rescues Son
Have been a close call on the skinny. Supermodel Heidi clean and beautiful family vacation for Easter they go to Hawaii and it got a little -- this her seven year old son. Caught in -- -- side and I'm -- apparently according a lot of people he almost drowned we get some -- that Entertainment Tonight provided us and death. She's -- -- there's still some Entertainment Tonight but apparently your son Henry -- Got caught up with that to his nannies -- -- -- tied me up by a big -- including told us weekly quote. As a mother -- very scared and so was everybody else the rescue mission was aided by Clinton's bodyguard boyfriend Martin -- But a little Henry apparently was able to give himself -- out. Swimmer for -- time so everybody's okay but it definitely was scary moment. Wow you know you go to the beach with your kids -- your -- and you never really expect that something like this would happen and there you are in development emergency trying to save everybody from our tight. Absolutely -- -- about rip -- swim. Parallel to the beach in weeks -- out of the retired then commit. Good tips very -- OK so we have some bad news really sad news actually 21 year old the star of buck wild -- anti found dead in. -- to go -- to other people. One of -- what's his uncle and TMZ is reporting that this may be a case of carbon monoxide poisoning bears the bronco yet red and white. This apparently they went off reading that we're gonna go take -- four -- out for -- -- and they ended up in any kind of like a muddy area no cell phone reception they went missing family members were calling. And then and then finally just reported that missing you know -- uncle as well as Shane. -- and it turns out they were. In an area that didn't have any reception that probably got stuck in the 1980s says investigators connected to -- So what's happened here are saying that their tail -- probably got to -- law denied it. -- -- -- Line call went into the car it's odorless and -- -- all of that. And you know they probably perished when he -- year old war handedly lost two members in the London house kind. Terrible -- lighten up and talk about Dancing With The Stars week three. From night you got a -- has to do with the drama Tom Bergeron came out and say this is not an April fool's joke it's prom night -- Kellie Pickler. She get a job and she did great she got a 25. She does -- Chris -- -- imprecise among other. -- -- Indictment very well she got 24. We -- Susan Jacoby Jones he says he played some facts about -- out of his -- when he was in high school. He also got a 24 so he also rocket whoa let's talk about some of the lesser lights DL you only blesses our. He had a sixteen in the salsa. And Winona Judd she got a fifteenth she got the lowest scorer. She remembers her from being very simple day. -- -- -- I I remember when I was an -- Bratton and and a Dancing With The Stars last week parade as -- and separate -- men and boys yeah yeah that's when you're not only hanging around them. I can't think -- be -- -- Matty got -- A day and it's -- barely -- he may have a low slowly yeah. David -- -- or star is in the news once again this picture showed up on her blog there she is. And she's got a T Aaron got to white's arrest she looks very like she just got married to a man Johnny K. You are -- lot -- the headline says John and I loved. Here we go. -- ambulances that talent in this appeared today. Bartlett that's our disappeared yesterday which happens to -- what -- April -- liberal school day so the question is did this actually really happened issue really married -- was this an elaborate prank. That got everybody pulled it out here we are talking about her -- -- What she's very Smart PR stunt. I invite you smarter than to sit back and let everybody talk about what that they did I did tip I think they're married for that they have a baby. -- -- It's and he seems to sort of be she's maturing maturing Greek god when we are happy for instance if you -- get married and it didn't work that come from.

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{"id":18860413,"title":"Heidi Klum Rescues Son","duration":"4:15","description":"The supermodel pulls her son from dangerous riptides while on vacation in Hawaii.","url":"/WNN/video/heidi-klum-rescues-son-18860413","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}