Highlights: 'American Idol' finale, part 1

Three singers are still standing after bringing their A-game ahead of tonight's final episode, where a winner will be announced. ABC News' Will Ganss breaks down the top moments.
3:35 | 05/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Highlights: 'American Idol' finale, part 1
Music's biggest stars were in Vegas some future stars were in LA for the second to last episode of American ABC's Allianz is here to log. What's it all. I like against the billboard music awards on I don't know that Tyler our priorities are people accords. It's finale time finally for American Idol at our top three Caleb Gabby and Mattie had the chance to perform. Three separate songs last night in three separate rounds but before we get to the music. You guys are just talking red carpet fashion take a look at Katy Perry's look from last night and tell me who she reminds him Carol Burnett when she pulled the curtain off. Iraq and put it on prince address OK I was gonna say Maryland and brown okay. My particular detail yeah. Could best benefit. But now that we've seen this and given our tapes and it looks good to the music the. The last night were amazing at round one featured brand new singles written for each of the top three and the judges declared that he's there that. The winner background since you seem the most comfortable on stage and the loser though take a look at that. Kept. Really wish that you him body as Caleb Lee Hutchison saw. So you have to make me a believer and I didn't feel like a believer Kelly that was actually you're weakest performance have ever seen. Well you're like yeah. Finally he gets. I think Al action here so he may have lost round one I found out last night that his fans are called hugs and puppies because the clot in his Hutchinson and so really he's already won. Plus he's lost 85 pounds since he audition. All season. Katie declared him the winner around here so he did make good comeback. And in that round contestants got to sing their favorite songs from earlier this season. But before we gets around three mrs. You know always when they come back from commercials when things get weird cannot Muster who did take a look at what happened when Katie accidentally revealed a secret about what Luke is really drinking when he's drinking coffee. Experts at. They've been alleys and pool. We're we're celebrating his seasons and did you out of yeah. I know I don't know and one don't worry. That's our friends and yeah everybody and it also have agreed to. The ground there is an figures were able to sing a song dedicated to their hometowns and action is very sweeping Allen backed by. Gabby saying don't stop leaving my journey and didn't find out until. Perry from journey. Was in the audience at home watching her. They were likely to monitor the pressure on you thank god they hit it. She nailed it he said it was one of the past traditions of the song. Ever heard loud but it's part performances go here's the one from last night that made me get out my phone and pickle because. Or. So good right laugh hide yeah if you're gonna sing that song you better handle it. And she did I thought she did a great job with this after this thinkers like problem for you think. Two vote seeds out some anything's gonna take you home I doubt Mattie Matt and Hank. It's consecutive its hit me until I think Matt is gonna take it so and so Caleb is your new americanized. Yeah I doubt tonight and I can't wait bonus round coming up.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Three singers are still standing after bringing their A-game ahead of tonight's final episode, where a winner will be announced. ABC News' Will Ganss breaks down the top moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55320209","title":"Highlights: 'American Idol' finale, part 1","url":"/WNN/video/highlights-american-idol-finale-part-55320209"}