Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

Taking a look back at this week's top stories including Hillary Clinton's big announcement.
2:37 | 04/17/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
Well it's safe to say it's been kind of an odd week starting with an obvious presidential hopeful announcing the inevitable. And five. Extremely rare went up. And let's not forget there was a flowering Gerald cop there is guy landed in the long of the capital walk on the stuff going on we have that more. In your Friday Reebok. Everyday Americans need a champion who. And I want to be that champion they're promising a much different Hillary Clinton this time around. More accessible more engaging talking to voters more grounded by the lessons of our history. But inspired by the promise of our future I announced my candidacy for president. I'm who violate the knives no fly zone she violently and for nobody got hurt. An important lands. On the capital normal. And friendly capitol building. Our car. Silver star award for November on. The defendant shall be incarcerated in the department of corrections for the rest of her natural light with no possibility of parole I'm truly disgusting and repulsive myself. Who horrified because of what I did we wish there was prudent to take it back. Aaron Hernandez may have been a welcome home win when patriots football player. However in the end the jury found he was just a man who committed. I'd give more money because I've had a fire media and in the it's not looked but I think. Yes. Me I'm doing my job here are about twelve but professionals act. We're. It's hard. I plan on not taking it off the water while. Probably sleep in it it's awesome coming what a legacy partners. Grow up with five little girls everywhere we go. Well you're look back on the Wii doesn't end there you must go to our FaceBook page for in case you missed it last week. It was one of the best we've had with lots of behind the scenes footage and me looking like a total four. Not all not at all that's what you really good to see. Serious harm. You busy planning of that madness from behind the scenes of the commercial break stuffs a list though we can't. Get into here oftentimes. It's all a FaceBook page W Indian fans that come. He did with each other on certain points whenever I'd I got away keeps it real traction. Tuttle like real impression.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Taking a look back at this week's top stories including Hillary Clinton's big announcement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30385541","title":"Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid","url":"/WNN/video/hillary-clinton-announces-2016-presidential-bid-30385541"}