Hillary Clinton Hints At White House Run?

The former Secretary of State was coy about her plans in "Daily Show" appearance.
3:41 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Hints At White House Run?
-- -- to -- and topping our headlines this morning a late night TV appearance for Hillary Clinton that's right the former secretary of state was to protest sparked by Jon Stewart. A last night The Daily Show when he couldn't just trying to -- -- his way -- getting any answer to a question we've all been wondering. Now -- spend so many years commuting I'd kind of prefer a home off tomorrow that's -- I wrote my book. Jim favorite shape for that home office -- -- it. -- feel like -- corners originally did not to have corners. You know. I think that the world is so complicated the fewer corner he's the. The standard and have been -- -- -- saying it sounded to him like she declared for president. Hey -- -- totally sounds like -- fewer quarters stem global all the way yeah Oval Office I think that he may have gotten us the closest to getting an answer about what he's been asked just about everywhere -- win over the past few months I think who may have -- -- I think what happened Jon Stewart and well remembers her one explore possible woman president to a brand new war. Men superhero marvel has announced Marvel Comics that is as an -- and its new comic book -- -- October through war as we know on the comes somewhere they. So the hammer and the title of the war will pass to a woman. Who that woman is however isn't just clear yet it's not me okay. -- calls her only a brand new female hero and unlike any war we've seen before. Pretty awesome. For your -- first I was not at. This movie not a reality series premiering tonight might capture your attention it's also drawn some fire. And -- -- virgin territory because fifteen burdens between eighteen to 23. Who either saving themselves for their pictures thousands are -- -- looking to have sex. Sex -- something that you want to save for your life. -- Living within the waiting period that special someone an opportunity to do my cookies so don't -- political season. -- actively looking for someone who -- averaging -- who. -- why won't be good at Desert Classic -- Critics say this series puts virginity in a bad light almost ridiculing it and he says its aim is actually elevate the discussion of responsible. Sexual health. What we've come a long way from -- to -- The real world number when they put all those yeah random people together we have but I would actually be watch events come -- -- -- that out are what discussion about sex would be complete without the drag -- Or. King for that matter thing. Day-Lewis has -- be released a video featuring Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart like -- Really never seen him before. Some of -- -- list ladies dressed up as England's. -- still look good can't. The point here is a single off of lewis' first album in six years Lewis says the message here is all about being comfortable with yourself and your womanhood. -- -- -- -- I'm so glad this is so unfair to mustaches and -- -- Love it. Yeah I think they've really put up successfully stick with us we'll be right back.

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{"id":24578718,"title":"Hillary Clinton Hints At White House Run?","duration":"3:41","description":"The former Secretary of State was coy about her plans in \"Daily Show\" appearance.","url":"/WNN/video/hillary-clinton-hints-white-house-run-24578718","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}