Hispanic Population Soaring

Hispanics will be the majority population in the U.S. by 2043.
2:56 | 12/13/12

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Transcript for Hispanic Population Soaring
-- Welcome back everybody we had a -- -- -- -- stories start off tonight with tonight hidden in the mix here appellate census has come out of some. Fascinating new numbers here that. The kind of revive some of projections just slightly terms of the demographics changing demographics of the country showing that Hispanics will be the majority in the US by the year twenty. 43. Against Hispanics in the majority by the -- -- -- 43. This is shrinking white population but increasing population among Hispanics. An African Americans in the country we all understand the political implications. I'll bet to it is because the birth -- -- higher in those communities among the other compared to the white population here so America is. Quickly changing -- -- so we -- becoming quickly majority minority country now offenses has put. An official date on nets to zero -- brings -- actually. The year I can retire according to -- The last pension statement anyway side of. Got CSC your exact. OK you're not -- can't wait -- 2043 probably to see apple TV and more -- is that they are. Working towards that direction. And Wall Street Journal on Wednesday morning that Apple's test designs for TV they're working with component suppliers -- agent attached several TV set designed. But Apple's move to release -- -- television still in the early stage. Of testing you probably remember Steve Jobs would Newington he plays here on earth said that he was it hasn't created television that would happen when the -- interfaces. Ever. This was kind of a dream of his but it's worth noting that a lot of gadgets go to trial production than -- -- the light of day and -- I don't know what touch -- That. He doesn't have any evidence possibly. And I've heard people raved about that -- people who think it would have seen it or I didn't have raved about OK and now for the most indirect parent toward. A baby center -- just like it together to find -- and -- -- for kids they released to their unusual baby names for twenty. Twelve names -- were given to at least two children during the course of the year female -- end. The Q and yelled got about what everybody is legitimate case yet that -- exactly and New Zealand hot name Detroit twelve for a bowl right. ESPN. Up. The murder. And it's happened to another name will be months. These are -- some -- he they had to have at least two names that he added that. That's why this isn't over this Toledo -- -- he -- those -- crazy B well. Just don't do that here -- -- either have a rough time kindergarten most of this will come and -- estimating that there were in winter and you forget think united under the weather and couple times and apparently there is something. It -- they say that could -- at the winter -- is something chemical compound thousand years. Anti inflammatory effect and -- forbid certain respiratory viruses so folks. Dream come up there enjoy your feet this winter not -- -- -- to get -- but because his four year could. --

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{"id":17957973,"title":"Hispanic Population Soaring","duration":"2:56","description":"Hispanics will be the majority population in the U.S. by 2043.","url":"/WNN/video/hispanic-population-soaring-17957973","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}