Holiday gift ideas

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off a collection of practical new gadgets that’ll make the perfect present for loved ones of all ages.
4:17 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Holiday gift ideas
We're now down to districts see that shopping days until Christmas and if you're so looking for some. Stocking stoppers begins with Dick DeBartolo. Is here with its favorite Alley gadgets. For those are your nice list so you're really Santa's favorite little help pricey. Yeah well that you brought some friends I is it that these are interesting it's from a company called joy for all and they're called companion pets to see you. So routinely humid like a tad hotter going crazy here. But can you know. Not even afford one or take care of one. These a lot of very. What B yeah this guy's not not to bleed. Fat person I know play if you look Gary get here you hold it he will do an open meeting act and always hurrying he's hurrying he's meeting in this little guy eight. The cat they tell me does whatever he wants O Paulo episodes like give you Gregor a cat got it. Relied joy for all campaign. Yeah. Equity. But we're got all this really neat though so this could be a wriggle land here OK we see but this is defunct war. So a year in the backyard. And you're all around the table and you want some light. Oh OK I thought it. Now it's late at night and you thought would it be nice if we had applied to sit around the all. Bring a dramatic areas that need and the thing is like. About thirteen books that's it third and yet it's not really great. All right itself potty time all right that's hard reality our handle a lot of equipment all you need to do is put in your party LED line. And bear and expansions to the music it moves to you employees. It comes with three adapters for iphones for USB CEU has beaten Mike grow so does the during the year. Are you don't entry LEDs and I'll be there really low key. One and this is just plugged into an external better choice or just into your computer. That I keep the party got let's look at couple years ago we. Polish yeah that's act chilcott the town so these shirts with Michael little black bullet area. You can make whatever you on here my logo and it doesn't smudge but when you're tired of it. You take a wet cloth to doing what I write off to the black so now in November just a month ago. He introduced struck in the town badges. He has accused his and I appreciate it okay so this is what they look like they're blank they come with two markers. Did stick them on the back. Or he want you can sew them on. And the same thing when you get tired of it you can erase them and put something you want it. And yet when action bare eye and so I'm afraid of this wasn't here. The idea still making noise here I don't ever viewer read here yeah. Rarely until about my new clock. There I can tell it to played music and you do it did get a clock that just tells time and wakes me up. So this is from show off its. A quartz clock so it should keep. Accurate time but in the back here. On goes. So that will really couldn't wait if you are. Have young cats wake up. And his one two little modern feature is as important that cute huh this year but one and I'll show it to you when you push that. Is an LED that shines across the entire face of the clock well that's pretty cool is much different from the what I had the kid that you switch from their preschool nightmare if this is ten books about very inexpensive can slow these are great I love them are given me get McKinney. And I had to get Mike and the did notice that these two get along they really didn't live each you know Larry Galvin the first paper these and other holiday gathers check out pics. Website gives where god bears or website WNM fans dot com Dick DeBartolo. Thank you for joining us in bringing these guys cannot be final shopping days everyone. Hey watch your news now. OK and here at home.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off a collection of practical new gadgets that’ll make the perfect present for loved ones of all ages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67592527","title":"Holiday gift ideas","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-gift-ideas-67592527"}