Holiday Party Tech Toys

ABC News' Tech Contributor Tina Trinh shows us gadgets to make party planning a little easier.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Transcript for Holiday Party Tech Toys
Is the season for parties but also for party planning -- however technology can make it a little bit easier. Our own tech contributor -- -- is here to help as -- tell us what to -- -- I brought lots of stuff to help you get party started who exciting exciting first -- is invitations now everybody sends out email invites but another really easy way to do it -- on your phone. I haven't on the iPad here's just so you can see it but it's a really cool app called red stamp -- Tons of Austin. These are really great cute designs I made one and in for my New Year's Eve party -- -- super simple keep -- party and there are dead set -- pat rob going to be their -- I expect to see you get excited about -- have really good music look at it's going to be on these sooners. Wireless speakers which are awesome because you can just set them up all around the house that you have -- surround sound experience no matter where your guests are. They will hear the music and you control it all on your phone that's very sleek and beautiful by the way is -- I consider -- with states that. This is another wireless Bluetooth speaker. It has a trick up its -- could also act karaoke machine -- is complete without -- -- exactly that's -- you look at it -- TV. You can access over 8000 songs you see the lyrics on your TV screen and it is a party -- -- machine. We're not different precinct in the remote is America from the list are what else do you have for us the are -- -- is there actually magnets that are made from -- -- -- -- photos. So this another cool invitation I did you can send out magnet says this say that -- -- -- or you can make them as party favors for your guests it just up load all you're -- -- photos through when you want an end they come in and she liked this -- Step mops and a -- -- -- amount tanks. Really cute hostess gift -- you there and I. Speaking of photos I really loved. The photo but it. And having -- in your party the idea of a like in a corner of your house right. -- gift wrap on the law the backdrop. Good well on -- on and get your -- in front fund props and they can. -- -- front and that is that inexpensive compared to everything else out there this is so expensive that a couple of our own pictures as you can -- everywhere aren't panning up in front of our own camera -- This is so great because everybody can get in on the -- at -- just one person can do a bunch of pictures at the same time. And then you were saying consented Evans came to live with the exact you can -- and a Twitter FaceBook you can he mount and you can print them out yourself yeah. That's really exciting night OK so what else do we have that it would never happen if we're gonna ask Mubarak to the -- after. I'm already tired your places and that always it's speak he. -- Everywhere. You are probably a little I -- I could put her -- It -- really when it clean that's why am that he is iRobot room 880 the latest from. IRobot. Picks up 50% more dirt hearing you name it ill. Do it for you in the best part isn't just -- -- forget it and it's a robot. It can take care itself -- secure reports are an injection well. It takes some pictures ranges and karaoke we're gonna send out you know that this is what you look like when you had -- anything -- -- we have everything that we need to pick out which is excellent. South of the pardon me I'm excited let's go to the -- now are what you can see more from -- on our website at any -- -- --

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{"id":21337351,"title":"Holiday Party Tech Toys","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Tech Contributor Tina Trinh shows us gadgets to make party planning a little easier.","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-party-tech-toys-21337351","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}