Holiday Rush Deliveries!

FedEx delivers packages in time for the holidays.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Transcript for Holiday Rush Deliveries!
Welcome into the mix everybody's so here in New York we have a Macy's on 34 street in its magical place during Christmas time there's Santa land or you can go you wait in line tonight and time. He won't see this beautiful amazing you kind of go -- UC Santa and it's just such an experience for the children well. We're stuck to learn that. Kids plug your -- that there may be more than one Santa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this woman right here -- -- singing since she writes for -- they are which is unlike an offbeat let's -- here in New York obviously unions -- that -- That she wanted to find a very special Santa because she had a point that there were not only white sand says with a black Santa at Macy's she took her camera. She found him after asking questions she sat on his flat she says. In -- article that she got their right as a black mom and her child -- wrapping up and she asked him. Why are you the special Santa and deflected a little bit she also brought up the fox news' Megyn Kelly thing about -- Kelly sang and -- only light and he said he now. We stayed in character the whole time we haven't had a whole lot of time -- -- -- to really worry about that are watching television we have a lot of gifts to delivered so. There it is a little bit of controversy -- there is a black Santa that you can see by special request -- -- it makes you wonder what other kind of special Santa is there are. But a good job I think by Macy's to acknowledge that there there is some diversity that needs to be at Y eighty need to ask some special Santa I guess it doesn't -- to can have all the -- is out there. You know. I don't know what I wouldn't want I. I -- what happens every day. Photographs into special -- -- and have -- -- apartment and I feel it's my child and say I need a half Hispanic half blacks yeah. For my child was -- something a little less involved. Like that let's talk about the delivery trucks that are out there should -- -- -- -- all over your neighborhood you're seeing them where do you live in hell's kitchen New York City. There's -- UPS depot and also from the folks at animal that that website they put up -- time lapse camera. To show what looks almost like watching game tetris house is also. This is also -- that's yeah. Pacific league low ninety Taylor is going to -- and -- and and -- -- 24 -- months the reports say -- pretty cool stuff. Are really quickly McDonald's apparently is telling its own workers to avoid fast food so very much like big companies like our own as a resource website only for employees. And -- -- McDonald's has taken to given them advice about food and they say instead of having fast food which is. Kind of a McDonald's does a lot like McDonald's. -- instead there are better options for you and -- -- -- -- Funny thing -- -- on the internal website right Gooden and ice but off like god Disney website single universal. Not a done it and who.

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{"id":21321086,"title":"Holiday Rush Deliveries!","duration":"3:00","description":"FedEx delivers packages in time for the holidays.","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-rush-deliveries-21321086","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}