Hollywood's Hottest Have World Cup Fever

Actors and singers tweet out their selfies watching the World Cup.
3:12 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Hollywood's Hottest Have World Cup Fever
Attack it turns out some of Hollywood's biggest names were also caught up in World Cup fever -- Tom Hanks wife Rita Wilson posted this picture. Of the family enjoying the match between the US in Belgium. After the loss -- -- Tim Howard remains a. Guy. -- and then there's Ryan Seacrest wearing his Jersey all caught up in the match. And finally up and Cummings pop singer Austin may home posted this picture -- -- wrapped in the US flag that looks good. Now to a new stint in rehab for Robin Williams but it's not what you think. A rep for Williams has the actors actually so were this time around he said he recently finished up back. About projects and he just wants to take the opportunity. To fine tune and focus his commitment to sobriety Williams is now 62 he sought treatment for alcohol addiction eight years ago. He even also struggled with drug abuse early in his career. Good for -- and it's obvious David Beckham needs no major rehab work at all the in fact he looks just fine. In his new underwear ads for ancient and the former soccer player at 39 years old. And looks for not -- -- n.'s David Beckham body where items on sale in late August and reportedly will include cotton pajama bottoms wool and cotton long underwear -- as you can see not so long. Underwear I but I am -- -- wasn't that long ago that the that -- -- -- -- -- declared Beckham underwear model of the century and boy you can see why. Let it back. To what -- actually attacked divided. Anyway. Next up a -- -- that did they get the very potty -- Jennifer Aniston. It's all part of the newly released trailer for horrible bosses to the gang's all back including Jason Bateman. Charlie day we haven't Stacy and Jamie -- all of them and -- -- and of course like this would never hurt. Her before then. I'm -- you're done an -- cheers once you couldn't chair ready I'm just convinced that the manager mark. You're welcome to do that on -- home. Being -- and -- And days. -- daylight now Jennifer the follow up to the hugely successful -- eleven film opens in theaters the day before Thanksgiving -- more of that to be expected. Into -- and just. And -- fourth season of ABC's once by the time is set for this ball and -- include some of Disney's most popular new characters. And -- house and stop from frozen the question is. Who -- -- that a couple of. Names of leaked on the various web sites and it will be portrayed by the newcomer Elizabeth Lyle. But -- -- -- -- -- -- drives someone more familiar to fans Scott Michael Foster whose best known as Kathy from the series great fan. And more recently from his role in chasing life -- -- of them as far as playing out kind of who shot from behind the last episode that's a mystery.

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{"id":24393153,"title":"Hollywood's Hottest Have World Cup Fever","duration":"3:12","description":"Actors and singers tweet out their selfies watching the World Cup.","url":"/WNN/video/hollywoods-hottest-world-cup-fever-24393153","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}