A Hormone to Promote Monogamy

A new study finds a hormone that will keep men in a relationship from straying.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for A Hormone to Promote Monogamy
-- -- -- -- Had our second story coming up but -- but before we get to that. This considering the news of the week it is a very -- story listen to this is from the LA times. They study published Tuesday in the journal of neuroscience has uncovered a surprising new property of -- Thompson okay finding that -- When -- in monogamous relationships. Got a sniff of this stuff they subsequently put a little extra space between themselves the an attractive woman they had just. -- of this is a hormone that all of that men can shift that would keep them more monogamist however promote this woman is promotes -- as well. We could use a lot -- -- -- 2000 than not though had the same effect on single. Straight men who comfortably parked themselves -- between 21. It's 44 inches from a female stranger but if you were in government not monogamous relationship -- stood about six and -- which is further. Back civil war -- kind of the only. We have major cutters keep better distance between Sony were attractive if you're already had a relationship that -- Jenny spent happening here Trinidad's it -- yeah. -- -- good -- that it male hormone. Thank you metal Morton married their government -- -- -- more faithful so we have the shipment headed to it pays me for a shipment. Should I mean it's correct to DC can get it yet that's up there's -- Please. OK so this is a story that -- is grinning about I didn't bring that picture up okay about further ado it's the tax cut truck. A big breath in and nibble on top and yes indeed -- -- milk truck -- been modified to become a breast. Feeding traffic if you breastfeeding is statement acts of his mother in Pittsburgh. 18. Other moms to feel there's a safe place for them to breast feed their their their babies -- she -- the subtle truck. This all talk with a large breasts enlarged -- on top of what they do is the moms tweet location. -- the milk truck whenever they feel like they're in an unwelcome environments and the milk truck wolf come. Did and they actually raise the 151000 dollars for this but he started about this all the time when maybe forces back for instance to nurse. And it because it's not legal -- -- -- Date that's crazy it's it's important to let it public domain actions that he had -- -- exhibited since may seriously think I never understood people get -- freaked out by all that stuff but that truck. That truck is not a problem ma'am what -- they host -- apartment. All right yeah. -- the -- -- -- video speaks for itself. This is a product that started as a joke but actually -- real things you can -- for 45. It's a sweater you put on your kid -- -- they crawl around on the floor they literally are cleaning up. During the same time that they're crawling you can get this thing for forty bucks had better than -- Dot com started as a joke. But SNL this -- with -- normal weekend now blown up it's a real product that he can clean -- the -- -- call the same time.

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{"id":17714366,"title":"A Hormone to Promote Monogamy","duration":"3:00","description":"A new study finds a hormone that will keep men in a relationship from straying.","url":"/WNN/video/hormone-promote-monogamy-17714366","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}