Throwback Thursday: Last Government Shutdown

A look at pop culture during the government shutdown of 1995.
4:45 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Last Government Shutdown
Headlines in. Back Thursday. -- the United States government shutdown something that hasn't happened for nearly two decades in fact the last time that it happened I was back in 1995 when the Clinton White House and the Republican leaders in congress. Failed to agree on the budget the GOP leader at that time speaker Newt Gingrich -- refused to cave on. Spending cuts to programs like education public health and the environment -- and got us thinking about what the world looked like back in 1990. While gridlock in Washington is a certainly a familiar scene the pop culture had an incredibly different vibe. I happen to be at high school -- the time and my favorite. -- -- -- -- -- And. White House liaison and help upgrade yeah I mean that's a sign if I heard today it's still makes. This is that I can't -- the high school I was I'm sorry I -- my third television market old. I -- growing up I was working in Tampa Florida at the time. And sticks out in my mind I love this. -- -- -- United -- was. Exactly like that time I -- you remember the apartment I was living. Some shows are everywhere we were totally totally different moments are doing whatever relations engineering and -- and -- grown up and my third. Like at a club I was in the top twenty market I thought I was the I was on my way. Yeah hot still morning club. Check out where I'm jealous of the -- Freshman and I -- -- we have the in the star is pretty there's good ones Al that you hear lots of companies of course including my personal favorite Ace Ventura when nature calls -- was Jim -- at his. Why he is. We can show you put that I wanted to show you because it hurts your friends. -- -- there but there any easier. -- -- -- -- -- -- So really hard to get this -- and he's supposed to save the specific animal and he -- and he's got this guy walks on the kindness agreed to these people with their weights. Sound a lot like the bumblebee tuna Jim -- doesn't have to question our ethnicity and starts walking around saying to everyone bumblebee tuna. This latest and greatest -- Magnetic travel for the premiere of a classic toy store I had all the what do you -- and light here Tom Hanks and what's what -- Now almost buzz. We also -- the legendary Don Rickles is the voice of mr. potato head. -- was the first feature film released to use only computer generated imagery that was big deal. It was a big day why are -- different 1995 because the Internet what the right next beckoned. The can't -- -- it then hacked yet. Wonder and it allowed you to search the world for software from other computer that is -- Sam and connected had a. The first musicians to ever post a video -- -- was bad made up of engineers at apple and Xerox and who called severe tire damage. What a bank. -- five also a year for memorable lines like this one from the closing arguments in the OJ Simpson trial. Something. Is wrong and -- this case. It just doesn't fit. -- doesn't fit. You must -- Must acquit Johnnie Cochran TV also had some lines that will also go down in history -- some of television's most memorable characters as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- the woman. Who are -- But -- good. Very good. -- Want him. I don't Catherine actually inspired by the -- of real restaurant here in New York City -- to keep an international apparently important process was pretty -- Yeah. My gosh episode was great being here it was great I can go on and on about that here in the Atlantic holds a pretty good right yeah. -- -- musical sounds good so literally we're talking and almost two decades it's still pretty. You are Diana here I -- -- -- not listening shaggy anymore while many on the on your iPod.

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{"id":20454265,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Last Government Shutdown","duration":"4:45","description":"A look at pop culture during the government shutdown of 1995. ","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-government-shutdown-20454265","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}