Hottest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show

The Giz Wiz is just back from the Consumer Electronics Show, with his top picks including a machine that fold clothes.
4:03 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Hottest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show
CES and that's Super Bowl upset in this year's products for the very top of their game began live Dick DeBartolo has painstakingly. Gathered some of the best of the best and brought them here for us so Dick what do you have. I have some fun stuff I have a tiny tiny camera video and still unmatched weary wary and OK it's right here. It's called pogo and very long this is pogo okay am okay. And total cam takes little 32 videos with sound book about putting on social media up to a hundred snapshots. Then you put pogo okay I'm in the Smart case download the videos to this what case. While it's downloading and it recharges pogo camp this is Bluetooth and that sends it to you phony attempt. That would leave and up looking like a love it will have a little video right there and that's my backyard now. First video I shot with this little camera with a dvd years. If it's there is just one button on the top on the top of the video on the bottom for steals and so ended up left for Soledad. At its current document your whole life to help I kept at. One the link this is from first alert this is the one link safe and sound so to smoke detected CEO detective put this new model to the out about two months hands Alexa. So they have a smoke detector CO detector at every room as she walked through you can ask questions play music through the house what a great way to get Alexa every room every room and also they said every room can play different music if you line. Now Alexa was everywhere this is a way to end Alexa TU Cong. OK so we're pretending this is the a lighter on your dashboard. You plug this in. Breast that they have the light the Alexa lights Alexa really can follow you every everywhere and then there are two. Charging port so you can also joined select. Eggs in the or. And then hooks up to you or a car stereo and your phone. So we can get data and played back through your course is the electorate Puget CES huge everything has a lecture and this is. Really need this is from Kingston you know a lot of new laptops like the MacBook this week in their thin but they don't have a lot of ports. So this plugs into. Into the US BC. Then it heads USB CU SB a one on each side it heads and appalled at them it is and as he caught a micro SD card. And then heads for KHD MI. Outlets to new attack to make you go old school again yes quarterback and the and a lot of you give up one port gained seven. But this is for everybody okay fold the mate. How violent act I didn't find out why they may not come until the end ongoing anger that mainly old teammate so you had you wash your. You're dry here so what Foley made is the clothes come at of the dry up. And if you put him on these two books boldly made takes them in. And starts holding them off each time the draw comes out when the war is full it puts we have closed at the end didn't just take them out there for the cat technology hanging. Like changing your MIL database somewhere around 950. Bought let's hear it in the newspaper had wonderful. Underwear I don't know doesn't know where the I don't know why I did okay here's the really weren't by some view doesn't match Sox. That you know I don't think so that's a million dollar today it did get it is there has bottleneck in Asia are you nice not know what you and I will be at CES I. And sock matching duo. Out of everything what are you most excited about. The other collections for the car think this kind of fallen tyrant especially to the prices on the fifty bucks. Think the price as well. Right think he's a much again. Again the whip Dick DeBartolo if they can thank you and for more check out Dick site gives way is that then is Laura WNN and the dot com. We'll be right back you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The Giz Wiz is just back from the Consumer Electronics Show, with his top picks including a machine that fold clothes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52559406","title":"Hottest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-gadgets-consumer-electronics-show-52559406"}