Hottest Toys to Spark Child Creativity

Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht, showcases the latest toys geared towards sparking creativity in children of all ages.
4:30 | 03/15/16

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Transcript for Hottest Toys to Spark Child Creativity
Faced some toys have become pretty complicated this current digital age so can you nice change of pace to put down the touch screen to make things by hand. I whenever we're talking toys of course we gotta have toy insider mom Laurie should expect our favorite. Let it it's easy to inspire kids sometimes I think giving them a pencil and piece of paper strip but we can really have that creativity sore. When we put some great hits in front of them. So I can attest to the fact that a cardboard boxes a great thing to get which yes and here's another way to play with cardboard so this is called Kalla and it's my haywire group. And there's dipped inside sex but basically these are pre cut pieces of cardboard. The kids color everything in him and then. Actually can neck then and construct them together and now this is just small size isn't medium size and is a large one that's kind of like like for advocate so really a lot of fun hours of flight because I came from a gift box together and expect and he did he -- is actually easy to do and there's even follow instructions with a tip. Irate right so for kicks youngest three their gotta love the magic. In that color wonder light at stamper some talk common allege she'd try this out. We have ten stamp as a way to hold that look at the college that just happen to bush and a little bit longer. Eight out and I want to put it on the cat. So what I love about this one thing we have ten different Sampras OK he kidnapped and now we have our little hurdle that you wouldn't yeah but. It the magic is a light up a hot if you start to college this thing you'll see the color will eventually appear. But if you use this stamp on your clothes are your scan. For the walls nothing happened okay let's all go I have only works on the paper not a lot that at a huge step Ike one of my favorite things this year this is called real construction spike JAKKS Pacific a hot kids they're actually making things they're building things so at field yes. This styrofoam bits and you know think about when you go in the noodles when you seeming admiral okay same material so we have all these pieces of material. Hammer and Vietnam ounce sought and weaken it went to saw the Sabbath. Plastic saw by the way not gay got my skin. But it will cut yes I ask how I look at that while you just don't think anything we have hinge is we can build treasure chest cool anything. So great for the stand concepts that are so important that we're always talking about it looked keep kids busy for Al brilliant. You ready to feel beloved book it's still okay this is our light heart Markey and this is great it has what I love about it. It's real to core kids get to make this and then hang it so they're gonna decorate this they have markers and glitter glue but it put rhinestones and and then. We are going to. Like why not let up office so it's really pretty kids get to look at what they need for ever and there's so probably help you and we're so proud of that and lighting up things really. Right leg but analysts expect the big thing right so you aren't crafts are not just for little kids these days half and coloring books are getting a whole new light. With adults in the crazy art it's timeless creations she you're looking in nature. On it and all kinds of beautiful things and adults find that they unwinding un stress so it's not just kitty arts and crafts I do it some time that the kids it's very relaxed and it felt that kids are using their crammed with their color Knox. We had. A part of the thing and it's inexpensive it looking at 4099 when Trammell hollering that's great but I don't want you to think you can only drive into. Because these things we can also draw in three day so this kid's fourteen and a and it all at this lamp the path I redwood ventures. So all this is built with this so want just squeeze this OK you're gonna see the gel coming out. Andy Stanley dean lite on it as you bring this up and drop op. Out anything you want we'll hardening I don't know yet just Slough it takes a little practice to get used to it but it's really awesome. Both of these the eyeglasses and our tower was just built with this and that's a sex Ed wow GAAP. Hope and the light just cures it. Hudson and it and it dries really quickly tries really really click on Tuesday that's a lot of fun and popped the effect that you've got the best ideas cowboys I really think this is a remarkable are changing the look of arts and cracks completely. Thank you so much to insider mom Laurie shacks and for more details on these items you can head to our FaceBook page W and fans dot com. You're watching world news now. Leon and they're all in extended to. Yeah.

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{"id":37652509,"title":"Hottest Toys to Spark Child Creativity","duration":"4:30","description":"Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht, showcases the latest toys geared towards sparking creativity in children of all ages.","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-toys-spark-child-creativity-37652509","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}