Illusionist Fools Viewers With Bus Trick

Dynamo, the celebrity illusionist, may have used a fake arm when balancing on a bus.
3:00 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Illusionist Fools Viewers With Bus Trick
Welcome to the makes everybody remember yesterday we told you all about dynamo the illusionist did -- -- was holding onto a double Decker as they crossed a bridge in London and everybody's -- -- We may have been bamboozled and relay yes by the celebrity envisioning. To dine out OK so apparently. Photographs have emerged of a different -- his name is Johanna. The -- of the year he had was performing a similar act on wall -- and I'm you can tell what's happening here. Essentially what what was going -- line is eight -- the picture show that there was a metal rod which appears to be supporting his weight. And now is an Australian website which has concluded that diamond on the -- -- that we saw yesterday. Was in fact using a fake right arm for his magic trick on the truck we have a real arm tucked inside of his clothing. Now -- I don't know if you look closely at everything you can see any got a mess -- -- a hot and a real honor. Yes and he can hold on with that -- -- But man how many even that is what he's doing he's the whole lot of talent and story -- be able to -- It's a good it's still good he should just -- this isn't that a democratic counsel -- And watching -- good -- and I have a ton of talent. -- nobody but that's -- believe that. Not what the -- is supposed to be a spokesman for Diana by the way declined to comment when he was approached by. Mail online. Which is the article -- we got this -- There you go sorry guys -- hate to drag but I did say something that affect you did what Captain Crunch. They were. Materials the controversy. -- -- -- Yet they say has only three strikes and he's not really captain that he's only commander greatness of his -- boy -- a news conference he called the accusations ridiculous. Let's check them. Barrier -- noticed a few other things about me. I have -- thing here is my -- made Don gave it my eyebrow Eric passage -- -- -- -- -- Final day I wish to thank go -- there who have stood by me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here we have been been -- crunch but anyway yes you can't -- and a this is as brilliant PR. I'll -- and his. This is just great people there really they have got it nailed that's great -- really quickly sell. Notre Dame apparently at that. Created an official school fragrance. Fragrances yes yes yes the finger that developed the New York Yankees fragrance has now created. Notre Dame and goal. That's -- -- designed for men. And lady Irish though the -- who have not no idea what it's a no fly in the next time I'm quiet yeah. But once formidable -- what was your -- university what was the what's -- wildcats but not that wouldn't -- in.

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{"id":19490871,"title":"Illusionist Fools Viewers With Bus Trick","duration":"3:00","description":"Dynamo, the celebrity illusionist, may have used a fake arm when balancing on a bus.","url":"/WNN/video/illusionist-fools-viewers-bus-trick-19490871","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}