Inauguration security latest

The FBI reportedly warned law enforcement that QAnon followers discussed posing as National Guard troops. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports.
2:57 | 01/19/21

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This morning the final stages of Washington's lockdown or nearly complete. As the capital prepares for Joseph Biden's swearing N. Overnight Biden's inaugural team transforming the National Mall which is closed due to security concerns 56 colors of light representing the US states and territories. Eliminating a field of flags but the art work overshadow by unprecedented security on the streets. Dancing with razor wire barricades and checkpoints restrictions on drones police boats on the Potomac. In nearly 21000. National Guard members already in the district now is not it's time to come into our jurisdiction to create happen. And this morning the acting Defense Secretary says there's no intelligence indicating. Any insider threat to the inauguration. Even though every national bar member is undergoing a background check and break here overnight the Washington Post reports the FBI has privately warn law enforcement. That followers of the cure not conspiracy theory have discussed posing as national bar members. To disrupt the inauguration. Yeah. On Monday tensions on the streets running high a fire at a nearby homeless camp forced the capital into lockdown. The false alarm delay in inauguration rehearsals in the meantime the US army secretary is revealing just how close the capital riot on January 6. Came to be a disaster. It came far too close something like this should never happen this country has the talent and the resources to do anything. But the pre planning and coordination in the intelligence. Were not really managed well and we're not in position to be successful effect as a country. The FBI is targeting nearly 300 suspects who stormed the capital combing through 200000 videos and photographs. Many of the tips coming from the suspect's own family members we have seen friends family members co workers and others. Reporting information to us the American people have demonstrated. That they will not. Allow mob violence to go unanswered overnight police announcing the arrests of Riley Williams the woman accused of stealing a computer from house speaker Nancy policies office. With the intention of selling it to Russia's intelligence service award for her arrest revealing or with a former romantic partner of Williams. Who alerted the FBI. And authorities announcing the arrest of the mayor theme here in the blue coat. Storming the capital while displaying a taser. Investigators are question in the man in connection with the assault on DC police officer Mike unknown. Who suffered a minor heart attack after so when he's earned him. It Wallace kids Hays state they were stricken my gear all full of you know all my obsessed individuals in the crowd try to get my gun at one point people sort of chain kill him with his own gun. The man denies using the taser on the officer but tells investigators that if he did touch officer for known he touched his helmet and it was merely to help him. The FBI has also arrested a sit in at the Fashion Institute of Technology after allegedly bragging about his role in the capital attack agents say his classmates turned a man.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The FBI reportedly warned law enforcement that QAnon followers discussed posing as National Guard troops. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75337749","title":"Inauguration security latest","url":"/WNN/video/inauguration-security-latest-75337749"}