Insomniac Kitchen: Grilled Pizza Margherita

Head to New York city's Fresco by Scotto for their classic grilled pizza.
4:03 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Grilled Pizza Margherita
All right there are few places outside of Italy where you can find the best. Italian food except of course New York -- and what most authentic Italian restaurants here in Manhattan is shaking things up. With an unique twist on a classic ABC's -- the -- takes us there in this morning's insomniac kitchen. -- -- -- -- by Scotto in New York City with Anthony Scotto we're gonna make their. Classic grilled Margarita pizza yeah. We're you know we're already getting you know I'm so happy you're here by the way this is something we can -- -- twenty years the press about to -- target -- -- go to your charcoal grill or minutes he'd done so we -- -- -- thought what if you -- -- -- -- mixing bowl back east guess -- evidence it was definitely doing at least. What you're trying to -- -- was activate this oil. Okay so that's our secret molasses this glasses give that -- that you need on the job we'll grow but the actual make somewhere around fifty pizzas. A lot of pizza and we're using three different -- in creative flexible for our. -- wheat -- and glass flowers that high blood flow let the magic. -- now with the latest Scotto do is going to show us how to take Dell and make it into a nice flat. -- -- -- -- We put the olive oil on the basis of the trade and -- weren't feeling fairly tight. The land now we take -- -- And we're gonna put some olive oil on the surface. And we just hope -- yeah. And never gonna start stretching it out stretching on literally get it to the right side and here I have one. On the ground and then mom is gonna taken -- and show you -- how we managed to not raise our. Marianne. Them off mothers Scotto has been a ticket away and -- -- to -- I know everything good you still two years. Well I don't know why is -- it keeps. Citrus -- And now we're famous -- and then let's. -- naked Britney. And then a little. Olive oil -- -- it's it's wonderful. Classic Margarita with just simply because -- sports and do what's sauce. Didn't do -- the vegetables. Wonderful we always -- you haven't shelves are ready before the guests coming and then. Some of the guests make their opening cup action I mean this is. Delightful delicious and -- Israel's right now yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Fan yeah -- There -- Arab when he yes I think he used to -- -- by the way for this this is sausage. You've got a wonderful and cheese pizza this is vegetarian right over here packed so see this is the -- to coming in on this show. -- man. I've never had things like this before the demands -- -- -- And the grill you can actually taste it and yeah but what's funny. I thought was insisting they don't put mozzarella on the pizza that's true to his whenever we think the pizza waiting months -- relatively just as commodities like a little sprinkle of. Parmesan it's really good it's true I -- wish to have this every night I think we should have like -- Evening session a pizza from the -- yes I mean why not me -- I think there should be food everywhere I go pretty much. What do -- -- For I don't know. I never thought a pizza being -- but this is actually really got I would try to do it at home but I knew would be disaster suddenly speed out enough for an order -- -- having a part yeah absolutely and now my big question is can you do a news broadcast what he's happy. -- How would you other residents leave this here all night I -- why not we'll just a -- -- in the studio have a slice unfortunately we can't leave on set this up and selling in Washington -- -- -- -- It's in a better option.

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{"id":24481086,"title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Grilled Pizza Margherita","duration":"4:03","description":"Head to New York city's Fresco by Scotto for their classic grilled pizza.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-grilled-pizza-margherita-24481086","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}