Insomniac Kitchen: Tuna Tartar

WNN producer Kris Campbell teams up with "Not Another Cooking Show" host Stephen Cusato to learn how to make tuna tartar -- with a twist.
4:36 | 08/09/19

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Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Tuna Tartar
All right Steve so. Looking around where's the beef for the meat they were cooking they'll be another key state and yes I'll leave that Abrams I hear that you've never eaten fish. Never happened 33 years and and you today I thought if we were gonna get you into eating fish labeled. Start. Rock. You are wrong this is really high quality two sushi grade I thought I made myself clear. I will only shoot these and I'm making something greasy or it's covered in cheese gonna make something inspired. By in my time in Hawaii can put it on land between poked and tuna tartar. Show off and if this isn't easy shopping a little I want you to chop it's those small nominee did the instructing him. Is my greatest challenge yet. We have all waited. To god first three hands. I can make this happen. And failing that about myself. You want nice to read needy tune you can feed these little white lines on one side of that action don't want that I'm coming at a kicked out off of us. And I'm just gonna use the perfect tune make this we started our prep but I'd forgotten everything from the last note all. Yeah where everything here is a fingers wanted to go with my fingers inside. But you think the but they're not to be keeping its this hand is not just like. Pretend that it's doing something look at Natalie hinders the come from any Kennedy in a scared. I am actually looking. You're naked upside down first thing residue of squeeze then half of the line just so they stop they oxidation and it's gonna season. Think watch him but at the same time when it comes not from me do it say I wasn't watching him I forget everything pull a McCain thieving. Good just keep drug clothes you know I think in one of our other venues you told me that you cut them right. You shouldn't be crying and you're not crying and on and that doesn't. If you're sharp knife they're really goes a long way or might have been lying. Just let it out. The hurry all the facts. I'm a come. Spend the guard week nobody gets it. And work overnights. Wherever we're needs a good cry and over again killing one today. Good want to shift that works. When I. We chopped up some scallions. Micro plane some garlic key and added some so launcher to marry Eric turner. Beautiful. Cold. Something here. It was time to seize and the tuna. Or is I like to say the sky's the tuna we added our scallions some micro greens and the rest of the onions sesame seeds facilities us Ponzi sauce and sesame oil we put crunchy noodles at the bottom of luring mold and then the Glock on top of that. You coming to stop this two layers and thank goodness this season you put in that smells incredible. That's why you're gonna likened them it's my last chance to make a run for it. Slough. It broke I was kinda hoping it would fall apart. And we get to leave and forget about it but it. That's a good look conditional give you that. So here we are beautiful tuna tartar stack we made it only when is this weird sensation. I feel like I'm having some panel out of body experience slow fees. Rove look. He likes unto him and really getting very very he's like are you grossed out app in the least know what I'll be honest why. I took one tuneup. Rose. It's done it's clean. Now it is it's not fishy is clean. Sicily a psychological thing. Well we have to go on account of character and our big thing we'll take you Steve this is awesome Kurdish privately yes that's important thing importantly. Give it cheese steaks that. Please. Quote good thing I got two cars. Oh my. Clue and get that thing. You know let's sit the tuna tartar that I tagged I don't want the cheese steak thing. But I do want is that tuna that's an eloquent and Chris what did you bring it over here. Instead let's he has so here's a quick two and a fun fact to this large that it can actually reached during the six and a half feet and weigh about five and fifteen pounds a lot of talk talk.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"WNN producer Kris Campbell teams up with \"Not Another Cooking Show\" host Stephen Cusato to learn how to make tuna tartar -- with a twist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64875411","title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Tuna Tartar","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-tuna-tartar-64875411"}