INSOMNIAC THEATER: "The Post" & "Pitch Perfect 3"

Take a look at two movies hitting the box office this weekend
2:53 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for INSOMNIAC THEATER: "The Post" & "Pitch Perfect 3"
We're back. We're are Zamir theater this morning I am with a couple of movie options on this very busy Friday at the box office yet we'll start with a heavy awards favorite Steven Spielberg's the post. Based on the true story of stars Meryl Streep as America's first female newspaper publisher and Tom Hanks as the hard charging editor of the Washington Post during the Nixon error. Together they wrestle with the leak of the Pentagon papers and had a hold the government accountable. Politicians and the press atrocities so that it. It goes to dinner party and drink cocktails and tell jokes well there was a war raging in the I don't know we're talking about night I'm not. Protecting little he got his former secretary of defense Robert Manson. The man who commissioned. This study my little brother doesn't client. If any I'm protecting the paper. Nixon rotten tomatoes has given the post a certified fresh rating earning 84%. They he called it meat and potatoes Spielberg in the best possible way and the daily news says its a politicians nature to keep secret. It's a journalist's job to expose them. And that's the post reminds us were all better off when it's the journalist who gets the job. Okay next to the blockbuster at capella film franchise pitch perfect now becoming a trio. Yeah La Loma. OK so the third and apparently final installment finds them. The Barton bella is facing the real world post graduation their their struggles reunite missing and group. But their new competition makes them wonder if they're playing out of their legal pre. Hayden plus I'm and healthy thing the president. Should go. Those are doing what they do best quitting. The problems on the fellows are not as good as the other bands that is a startling inside. OK now the prohibit but can we should preface to reviews noting that critics. Don't normally show much love for three quill says it's perfect three is floating around 30% around tomato sauce. Now here comes a hitter hayride and there's plenty in this juice. Then Washington Post calls it an off key dismantling of what made the concept work in the first place the Seattle times says. It's just the same movie over and over until the end of time and everybody dies in which case pitch perfect 45 I can wait are we debt might be a thing. Pitched forty dozens pretty awesome to I don't think that was a negative review. I think that was a hopeful review it was a hopeful that who yeah might have a pitch perfect forty. Yes exactly we will see you at the Oscars pitch perfect three aka believe net. That's go believe it. Concern capella hotbed believe Africa believe it.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Take a look at two movies hitting the box office this weekend","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51952887","title":"INSOMNIAC THEATER: \"The Post\" & \"Pitch Perfect 3\"","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-post-pitch-perfect-51952887"}