Insomniac Theatre Review: 'Red 2' and 'Turbo'

Insomniac Theatre takes a look at two movies opening this weekend.
2:33 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for Insomniac Theatre Review: 'Red 2' and 'Turbo'
-- act Peter Seidman quite a few movies opening this -- I'm gonna start with the return of -- read to was its appropriately called. Once again stars Bruce Willis Helen Mirren Mary Louise Parker -- Anthony Hopkins John. -- shedding it playing a team of operatives try to track. -- -- missing nuclear device. We didn't hear -- -- -- I need to look I'm retired. Okay you haven't killed anybody in the. That's a positive day coming I can feel it -- Heck of a castle see how the critics like this one Joseph Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal prefaced his review with this. Any movie that -- Helen Mirren a chance to issue really big guns where. Bunch of Chanel Betty Davis Queen Elizabeth and all that stuff can you can't be so bad but he did say that this one comes close. And from Scott -- of USA today passable summer entertainment and expand the -- with people who can act so it's not a rousing endorsement there. Absolutely not coming up next it's turnout in this -- with absolutely. Adorable. The premise of this one not too complicated -- -- -- dreams of being the fastest snail in Iowa around and it features the voices of Ryan Reynolds Paul Giamatti. And Lewis and -- not to go. -- market the farmer's markets and supermarkets. And we'll cover all the -- All right now let's take a look at -- some of the critics think. Don't know Meyer of the New York Daily News as a sort of -- cargo needs cars adventure. It -- sharp local turns and remains fun even when it's inventiveness runs out of gas. And Mara MacDonald of the Seattle times says -- nicely lives up to -- and -- -- heroes Credo of no dream is too -- and no -- -- too small a pleasant thought for people of. All sizes it's great premise fans. I -- could spell I think. Michael DeVon whose what almost one almost ten times. -- -- -- He's like what about that he's surprisingly -- two years away from him getting into movies like he out of luck and we can't take internally here -- -- good to I don't you wanna see the first one but -- would probably want a -- about no doubt about it and actually -- -- I'd -- -- -- -- more -- bringing her to -- and -- some popcorn and just -- and an -- -- the accident I haven't -- read at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- Look pretty good right John Malkovich and -- I'm down when this week and a half plant now I have plenty.

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{"id":19709358,"title":"Insomniac Theatre Review: 'Red 2' and 'Turbo'","duration":"2:33","description":"Insomniac Theatre takes a look at two movies opening this weekend.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-red-turbo-movie-review-19709358","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}