Introducing the Hidden In-Ground Pool

Here's the ideal way to hide your swimming pool from the neighbors.
2:55 | 05/27/14

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Transcript for Introducing the Hidden In-Ground Pool
And now. Time for the next. And let's get started -- this first of all I don't even have to say anything all you have to do is watch the video. Because if you've ever had a pool and you're thinking how -- my backyard be even more awesome. Check this out. What is happening here right wow well you've got to backed government grapples -- the grass moving I don't understand me wait a second someone's trying to hide the fact that grabbed hold. Look at. You're kidding I feel like it's straight out of the price is right this. Very interesting why are they hiding the fact that they have a school because the people gonna hang attorneys all the time you wanna be able to only have -- people you like over. But -- and hide it when the bad people come. I thought it not for the nosy neighbors because they will eventually fearful that this for the friends that I really friends yeah. -- -- all that why don't you have to be going. When did you have somewhere to create. OK so here's a story that. I'm having a really hard time with the story okay. Okay so it Koreans capital of Seoul has decided to make -- -- more for a more women friendly city they're spending 95 million dollars on a project debt. Create different things for women to make differently here this is one and then they are they -- create huge. They get creative and -- larger parking spaces for Whitman. Cool as -- that court patronizing an art painted it pink. With everything though they care about women who were wearing mini skirt I'm not done -- closer to -- transit right. And it is -- -- 85 million dollar effort to make -- -- even more friendly to women. Yeah yeah. More they've all the insults. And friendly payment -- -- bases. OK let me say this that I know you're outraged -- -- answer for you -- let's say this can I have those privileges I want a parked closer. I want to have a special squishy -- for my shoes. The coming from the same type of man that proudly says I don't wanna open my door I'm gonna take my dinner. So. I wouldn't mind. Renewal of the premium that is not my employer like why did -- why why did -- why they don't know what they're parking spaces but yeah. China is nice but some people to have bigger part was not there anymore but we'll be moving Boston. Hey you know what -- officially gets back -- -- that's the bottom line. Well let's -- He was sentimental -- I'll warm you up with this warm my heart this is a story about a go to his name. Here's what's let's just take a look here -- -- mr. gee how he was -- according environment with others including this. Animal with the right thousands jelly -- -- from mr. -- wouldn't -- for six. He was separated from the donkey jelly dean of volunteers drove fourteen hours to get -- -- over to mr. G. They -- mr. G-8 again how much he was alive again it was a beautiful story look at them right there making friends. Mr. champion -- came together forever.

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{"id":23878347,"title":"Introducing the Hidden In-Ground Pool","duration":"2:55","description":"Here's the ideal way to hide your swimming pool from the neighbors.","url":"/WNN/video/introducing-hidden-ground-pool-23878347","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}