Investigation of Ahmaud Arbery's death faces new scrutiny

New video seems to show Arbery moments before his death. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:56 | 05/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigation of Ahmaud Arbery's death faces new scrutiny
I have several new developments and our model or robbery case new video appears to show him moments before he was shot and killed. And towards his attorney general is now asking federal investigators to look into the case. This morning the investigation into the shooting death of mark Barbary its Spacey new scrutiny. Georgia's attorney general is now asking the Department of Justice to investigate how the case has been handled. Authorities in Brunswick Georgia charts a father and son with murder last week. More than two months after the shooting when newly released video showing our breeze killing sparked outrage and now videos being reviewed by investigators have surfaced. And put its obtained by ABC affiliate first coast news a man enters this house under construction. Our brief lawyers say they believe it's ten minutes before he was shot video from inside the home obtained by WG XT shows the man looking around. According to his lawyers armory leapt in under three minutes. Adding he did not taking evening or cause any damage. Adding a month actions were no way a felony under Georgia law the homeowner tells the Washington Post nothing was stolen from the property. The video seems to be sped up and slowed down in places. Two men presumed to be murder suspect Gregory and Travis and Michael are seen getting into a truck. At the black male written about a great. Video then shows the Mick Michael's waiting for robbery with guns as Marbury who was unarmed approaches their truck. There's a struggle between armory in Travis Mick Michael for the 25 year old shot and killed them at Michaels told police he thought harboring was this man. Caught on surveillance from this construction site. The images given to ABC news by a local lawyer since October at three other trespassing incidents were reported there the armory say that man is not a mod. Gregory meek Michael had a career in county law enforcement to prosecutors refuse themselves from the case because of their apparent connections that the father and son. When county officials say on the day of the shooting the district attorney's office told police no arrests were necessary. A second DA been reviewed the evidence in the video of the killing within 24 hours. This. Homicide. He thought there was no probable cause for arrest. And now more celebrities are demanding justice and a letter to the Atlanta journal constitution entertainers including music mogul Jay-Z and singer Alicia Keys want a special prosecutor appointed and this morning Atlantis Mir is also speaking out. Saying without video of the shooting be made public she believes no arrest would have been me. It's 20/20. And this was a luncheon. Of an African American man. Also new from overnight we are here from a homeowner's that property under construction. They say they played no role in this Mona they also say that they have no connection to the suspects the mic Michaels. And this. Final statement part of the state many say that the homeowner would never sought a vigilante response much last one resulting in a tragic death.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"New video seems to show Arbery moments before his death. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"70614725","title":"Investigation of Ahmaud Arbery's death faces new scrutiny","url":"/WNN/video/investigation-ahmaud-arberys-death-faces-scrutiny-70614725"}