Investigation into possible presidential pardon scheme

The Justice Department is looking into allegations that lobbyists may have tried to Abubey reports.
3:25 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Investigation into possible presidential pardon scheme
Now to the other big story this morning a possible scheme to bribe the White House for presidential pardon. It comes as we learn about a new push to pardon president comes family members and even his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. ABC's faith a Blu-ray has more from Washington. Faith good morning. Hey good morning can add some the president's allies have been pushing for him. Apart it's the only members meanwhile we're learning more about a federal investigation into all possible bribery for pardon scheme. This morning a bar show investigation into a possible scheme to illegally obtain a presidential pardon. New unsealed court documents show the Justice Department is looking into allegations that lobbyists may have tried to bribe White House officials. According to the documents the bribery conspiracy includes an offer of a substantial political contribution in exchange for presidential pardon or reprieve of sentenced. The White House is declining to comment. Overnight the Justice Department saying no government official was or is currently subject or target of the investigation disclosed in this filing the page court document is partially redacted the names of the people under investigation blacked out as that is the name of the person to be pardoned under the alleged point. It comes as sources tell ABC news that Rudy Giuliani has discussed with the president the possibility of getting a preemptive pardon for himself several Giuliani's associates are currently under indictment. It's disgraceful what happened as Giuliani leads the president's unsuccessful legal efforts to overturn the election results. According to the New York Times talk is also discussed with advisors whether to grant preempt authorities to is adult children and his son in law Jared Kushner. No member of the trump family has been accused of the federal crying in the meantime attorney general William bar scene leaving the White House Tuesday minutes before his arrival bargains among the present most steadfast defenders dealt a blow to trump unfounded claims about the election barge saying to date we have not seen fraud and a skill that could've affected a different outcome in the election. The lawyers and trump himself have attacked a local Republican officials certified election results in states. They had judges making deals and they had. Electoral officials making deals like this character and your dues a disaster. I Georgia elections official is now slamming the president and his allies saying they've gone too far potentially putting lives at risk stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence someone didn't get hurt. Someone's gonna get shots some with any get killed. Jodi and gentlemen today asked for Chris crabs these patriot who rains that sent to be shocked. He twentysomething tech Gwinnett County to king has death threats and a news. Put out things we hung from trees and all of you have not set damn word. Are complicit in this and yeah president's former campaign manager Brad part scale is speaking out for the first time since being fired before the election. He's blaming trans response to the pandemic for its election loss. I think if you wouldn't public publicly pathetic you don't want my excellent. I think he could lead into a city run away from. As this Election Day the charm campaign has raised a 170 million dollars. While pushing baseless election fraud claims but much of that money though has gone to paying down debt or finding a political action committee just last night president trump indicating he might run for president again in 20/20 four can't. Aren't featured movie there in Washington thank you.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The Justice Department is looking into allegations that lobbyists may have tried to Abubey reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74500349","title":"Investigation into possible presidential pardon scheme","url":"/WNN/video/investigation-presidential-pardon-scheme-74500349"}