Must-have items from the 2018 Toy Fair

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off the must-have items that kids and adults will want from this year's Toy Fair.
4:43 | 02/19/18

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Transcript for Must-have items from the 2018 Toy Fair
Okay so even though it's a terribly early to start thinking about holiday shopping now apparently. Is the time when the news story creations are previewed it here with the hottest items is our friend Laurie check the toy insider mind laughing because I'm Marty here. But part of a patent. We'll let it again it added my language but it's 150 North American doing there. And that means that there's not a lot of toys over Javits Center and I'm up Alan tendency to examine the matter bringing them right here and I have toys that sort of represent the trends are gonna say OK so we start wit. The fact that kids love their favorite characters. And tax is everyone's favorite factor is dot makes staff and really dishes like rescuing animals and just got her own mobile units of the Clinton. That doc mobile bet. Clinic so this actually rolls we have the handle that goes upside down but then when she gets to her pats this whole thing open sat. So we have lights we FX ray machines. We had everything the good doctor needs to yeah all of those pat she's gonna rescue stickers. These scant one very very cool and it's all very portable and you'll see this out in the fall so the kids can play doctor kids can play doctor and take care of all of those cats mice. Now learning toys always important and LeapFrog is right on it this is the learning friends hundred words they're gonna go to this look at learn all these things. And if you want just that's one of the pictures so it's. That. Seen here that you are you here are at a visit hip lower miso. And is that out already know well they'll fall fall fall a lot of these are later yes okay now one of the things that you're gonna find this year is that it is the year. Who. Snot that grocer that there. Every finger up Chris what. Yes and this is sort of kicking off the year of the grocer the benefit and it's called who cut the cheese. Sell the way it came down through here's your night Larry here's mine so if it's my turn and let's want to move you know one. Move I want to gear it to game I have to cut it if I just. Well I just lost my Terry designer let itself. It's the safari sound it's a part time but now let's say you want to move the fact that this thing that got it. So that's right now cut it again okay so I didn't. Cut it again so I had not started him at that party get its act says that means you wouldn't be appropriate no you did not you eight. And I would just start while armory dad sis. Became really popular the end of the year and now we're starting to see it in our toys he additional Italian Fashion Week or toys and now we're a choice I don't think a little went. You take a big guy Matt what I want India luck. Is I want you to move your hands. On the sequence you can change the color you can take your thing here on our own evil designs NN. Can you see it reviewed the is neck crane. That's a positive great plus they're really fun and the KG just loving these okay. Once stained with so one of the other things that we know that kids love our big play sets and lines of collectibles the these are called. Berg 82 -- stars and in fact I want you to look right in the back. Richard singer and so these are really cute they're six of them that'll be available these other hand march actually. And mrs. pigeon green tree place that it would put this light on because this is placed of the venture rest well lit display that. That he's gonna send dreams all over the world sweet dreams. Register really cute play sets and Oxford adults clearly adult yeah. Yeah. I thank you Renny yeah. Music you do not have my musical things that we love this. Oh no. That's great yeah she looked currently hornets are saying now we came. New Smyrna school soon and room. Am. Yeah. Skiing at great young quote. I worry Shaq misses a female voice flurry sacrifice I heard back from Lockhart thanks T. He had there are more iteration NN headline making it a little bit more masculine. And you. We'll you know. I recovered there appeared yeah absolutely. Certain Lugar.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shows off the must-have items that kids and adults will want from this year's Toy Fair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53192934","title":"Must-have items from the 2018 Toy Fair","url":"/WNN/video/items-2018-toy-fair-53192934"}