James Blunt Apologizes for 'You're Beautiful'

Singer-songwriter James Blunt has admitted that his biggest hit was actually annoying.
4:24 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for James Blunt Apologizes for 'You're Beautiful'
I believe is not very interesting admission. You're beautiful it was I saw your face some kind of space. Of of the lyrics you know lyrics I don't bow wow that's pretty song and singer songwriter James Bond it was actually his biggest pet. And licensing don't know. Because it is. Right the building we might not recognize him from its businesses. It's not what you remember him looking like when the song with a hit but your beautiful it was huge it put him all the Matt was back at 2005. Launched his career now but now he's saying there was some fallout from it being over played forced to play it one more time for didn't get. And hand. Now feel. Yeah here. Any obvious. I'm me. Think you're result even on the video here was a little knowing the extent that witness know differ over time. He's he's giving everything to this beautiful woman that he could sign a crowded space that's what assault was huge but he is now saying it was a problem for his career because some of the getting the record company got a pigeonhole them into this thing just marketing towards. Women so then. Q you're showing you're 50% of your possible than it did well. Did well and I love that stuff Styx song still specs than anything else went out and marketing also painted into the insanely serious person although he considers himself anything but. One has new album out and how does he now coast finest single happened successful as your beautiful. Don't be Shane James -- get as long as you can if it doesn't work you're welcome on this second time for a lot of people get apologizing to do well a lot of songs that this is the direction we're gonna go. Don't rivers we have news about her her daughter Melissa will be inheriting the bulk of her estate after her recent and sudden. As analyst says Jones only child it's no big surprise it should be the benefactor but the amount should be inheriting is certainly impressive over a hundred million dollars. Joan who had been performing just days before her death. Had amassed quite a fortune something five million just in cash that I'll go to Melissa as well including her 35 million dollar Condo. A New York's upper east sides that insert the bolt also this simple to us that stuff. That a Melissa some Cooper will receive his own share of Jones the state the same system also stating that it does. Of course no consolation losing that money we talk about this money but they they would much rather have about ten Joan back. And Halley Berry back in the news for her latest business venture the Hollywood superstar certainly no stranger to daring sentenced again. So it's only fitting shall launch her own lingerie temple yes the 48 year old actress everybody got a French luxury blind. They scandal. That it was a laundry is going to be sold at target I love that wasn't very affordable price range of seven to eighteen dollars times today we'll very discovered a label while shopping in Paris and after searching his history. Researching and she decided to. Luncheon scanned is expected to hit hard day next week government funds that gets target. And not scandal it's targeting our scandal fire. Spend the web series between two birds got their first episode. Since last high profile guest interview and that was President Obama the funny about series hosted by Zach Galifianakis continued with the de listed as this time it was breakfast. And engineers and Brad Bradley hits that's how they introduced in the satire was happy with lots of its signature awkward and weird moments including the two playing chicken. With their chewing gum. There was also brief intermission from comedian Louis CK who did a short stand upset that Clinton go over well also not going over well was. This question. Tell me what it was like the first time that you laid eyes on Angelina was it. Like one of those classical love stories like when no and Ross First Solar Rachel. You know that show friends that he's in. So there. On any light work call Pitt used to be married to Rachel from friends. Jennifer Aniston that is before Angelina and he played out pretty well. OK I can't tell with the guests are actually just playing in sort of some did uncomfortable and he gets awkward oh come on. But. They knew it was calm angry it was that was good it. Seemed like I get bigger sporting events show that they're good that.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Singer-songwriter James Blunt has admitted that his biggest hit was actually annoying. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26419576","title":"James Blunt Apologizes for 'You're Beautiful'","url":"/WNN/video/james-blunt-apologizes-youre-beautiful-26419576"}