James Gandolfini's Final Curtain Call

"The Drop," the last film made by James Gandolfini, is set to be released.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for James Gandolfini's Final Curtain Call
Our time but. They now and the final curtain call for a late actor James Gandolfini. The larger than life men most of us news Tony Soprano died suddenly last June while on vacation in Rome this year however will -- its final feature film performance in the drop. Gandolfini plays in New York bartender caught up in a criminal conspiracy that unfolds and -- mob controlled war. Your money in the bank you know you do you don't lose money -- You'll see anything. That's because this neighborhood -- and we crew. Fox searchlight pictures is set to release the drop on September 19. And is this morning about a world news now a lot Anderson Cooper is in the headlines after he an interview that he did on with the radio host Howard Stern and the upshot is mom might be a multimillionaire but. But he's not getting a dime Cooper says his mom Gloria Vanderbilt made it clear there's no trust fund but. He hasn't -- -- -- Cooper says he doesn't believe in inheriting money in things that. -- trust fund will be a curse Vanderbilt is worth a reported 200 million dollars. Seems have a pretty level headed view -- things we know this because she visited Anderson on our show on live TV when he was an anchor here few years ago. Pat Boone the day -- hear a news. Yeah. -- -- -- Mean yeah. -- -- -- Here it. And act now. Around Becker -- -- not making more money and then she ever inherited and he's one of the hardest working guys in the business we know that for -- fact he makes eleven million bucks a year for a moment. Right next up is an on screen relationship that seems to be heating up off screen we're talking about Karen Russell and Matthew -- of spy series -- Americans in the preceding cozy -- Play here in New York last week and that -- reports about their parents relationship. They are husband wife father -- -- rumors about them being together started swirling last year less than a month after Russell and former husband ended their seven year marriage. And have to pay for just about everything on an airplane these days the passengers flying across Australia were treated to an amazing inflight entertainment. -- -- And that's -- captured on a cell phone. That's still a strong cast and the Lion King helping out the circle of life before takeoff from Brisbane. The passengers and crew were clearly thrilled he -- impromptu performance. Yeah yeah. And that you don't always -- to. -- -- -- I'm everything that happened probably didn't sound. Have a plan are right -- take a look at which -- are celebrating birthdays today inside writer -- ahead through. Actor Christopher Maloney turned 53. Country singer Billy dean 52. An actor Michael fast manner is 37 years old today when I was very happy. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Drop,\" the last film made by James Gandolfini, is set to be released.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23154550","title":"James Gandolfini's Final Curtain Call","url":"/WNN/video/james-gandolfinis-final-curtain-call-23154550"}