Jeanne Cooper from 'Young and Restless' Dies

Cooper played Katherine Chancellor on "The Young and the Restless" for nearly four decades.
3:29 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Jeanne Cooper from 'Young and Restless' Dies
That happens getting some sad news from the world of soap operas young and restless star in four years old Jeanne Cooper. And asked why 084. Years old her son Corbin Bernsen -- talked all about it just said what a wonderful woman she is that he's gonna visit her. Did that afternoon and she passed away about this time is a precious thing. But. That -- -- so wonderful wonderful actress was on that show four toward a decade how old mr. Scott -- -- Big -- white -- about how revolutionary she wasn't that pretty much every way she she apparently got a facelift on the soap opera in character and in reality. Sisters when the first people who sort of document to the idea of getting a facelift which is so mainstream now -- Friend. She hands Larry various -- and he's going to be ripped apart on credit for not -- -- -- passing away the age -- -- May she rest in peace you know what she did a lot her so -- the in the -- -- -- -- not -- but I love that song by. How things metals and very little sad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he is the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus apparently used to holder Brothers staged an intervention. Aetna. Not because he is addicted to any -- maybe he's addicted to his fiancee apparently a little too much they're basically try they were trying to get him to break up with his -- Miley Cyrus. That happened in April just now hearing about it. One -- -- says this is according to it. Us weekly one source says that the duo is not done -- and other sources says Elliott has been dwindling slowly and that kind of been photographed separately. Not so much together lately -- they -- it for four years apparently before they became engaged. But now he's older Brothers are saying cut the card buddy she's no good. -- -- -- -- Let's talk about Leonardo DiCaprio -- he's in The Great Gatsby was everybody sort of looking forward to -- highway trailers look. Look terrific but an -- Maggie talked to George Stephanopoulos about. The great -- -- muscles and as an adult if that's it's that so incredibly powerful but this novel takes on a different meaning. You know as you mature and as you -- you start to understand the symbolism. It's really an -- essential novel it's really you know. One of those books it. There's not only it's woven into the fabric of America and here at the -- you have this this this man that creates himself according to his own imagination. It's a great actress and then I can't wait to see this hits theaters on Friday it's getting these things -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was sell sell but it's -- watch it every time comes on -- CI watching CNN -- -- is bigger than life really added that the costumes everything about it in Phoenix of that act and that's just -- even at this outsourced something's going to be great. Remember any of the book of pirated a couple of times and I -- -- There's going to be worth watching coming anyway and so this is just a -- that we want to show you really quickly. Katie Couric. Only is starring in her -- got no commercial with her two beautiful daughters -- tiny one and -- seventeen it's gonna debut on Friday on her show Cady. Any kind of talked about you know what they like for breakfast hanging out with mom in her bed eating pancakes. Into the beauty of her own good for her you.

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{"id":19140456,"title":"Jeanne Cooper from 'Young and Restless' Dies","duration":"3:29","description":"Cooper played Katherine Chancellor on \"The Young and the Restless\" for nearly four decades.","url":"/WNN/video/jeanne-cooper-young-restless-dies-19140456","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}