Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO

ABC’s Megan Tevrizian has a look at what’s next for the billionaire.
2:47 | 02/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO
This morning at jeopardy since announcing he's stepping down as Amazon CEO. In a memo to staff days those right leaning this journey began some 27 years ago Amazon was only an idea it had no name. These are sounded Amazon in 1994 after leaving Wall Street by Arlene 300000 dollars from his parents a substantial chunk of their life CBS. Now one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Amazon started as an online retailer for books but in in 1999 interview with Peter Jennings it's clear these o's had bigger plans in mind. You have to have a great web site it's easy to use which also have to build distribution centers like this one. And have customer service sinners you have to be old fashioned summer guards and believe me shipping products to customers that's really important. Janine suppressing days shows about what Amazon could do to in store shopping in the three of us what did you buy. In a store. Well. I've I've been by Alice of course bias even happen my books. But is one of the categories simpler Collins best known for in physical stores physical shopping isn't going away. And you think it isn't going away because people will still want the commonality that being with other people brings. I think that's exactly right we're very gregarious species and we're not about the stopped going outside and and visiting with people in stores. Today Amazon is a one point seven trillion dollar company employing more than one million people and currently building his eye catching helix sheep office center in Virginia. In the last three decades Amazon has disrupted and dwarfed all facets of the retail industry. Expanding into entertainment grocery cloud computing and artificial intelligence powered devices bisons appeared on Nightline in 2009. Showing off the new Kindle. So you hit the world the death the book. I'm here to announce the birth of Kindle 2. Measles is now one of the richest man in the world worth an estimated 100 in EDB billion dollars he became a billionaire at age 35 when he said this about his businesses model. I want to have live my life for such a way that when I'm eighty years old I've minimized the number of regrets that I have. I think actually a lot of people do that I think they'd even if they don't you know cause something his door key is regret memorization framework. They do they behave that way anyway they think that way. And but feared was not carp ADM it was not wine women and song. No no no no that I don't go in for carbon DMI go in for regret modernization framework. EDS's late and CEO will be in eighty Jack current head Amazon web service. Big shows will have become chair the board and will focus his time on its price based company the Washington hello which he owns eastern where.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"ABC’s Megan Tevrizian has a look at what’s next for the billionaire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75655270","title":"Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO ","url":"/WNN/video/jeff-bezos-step-amazon-ceo-75655270"}