Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants Breast Insurance

"The Client List" actress says that she may take out $5 million dollars on her breasts.
2:56 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants Breast Insurance
Follow route to Latin love the sound of -- What they've seen the show with Jennifer Love Hewitt called the client delicious -- of this masseuse is really like a high end prostitution -- -- -- -- -- -- of sexy -- And -- you have Jennifer's known for her yeah her figure heard from her mind is a very different -- -- their minds and got. -- way to do you have any -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- recently gave an interview where she admitted she that she is considered and getting her breast insured she said quote. These things right here ward five million dollars like an insurance invitations some -- like that you know what. We would like to ensure your boobs for 2.5 billion dollars up and I don't -- Why not to let me let's be -- she's she's not exactly known for being. You know I'll Merrill Streep -- -- kind of girl she had just does have a pretty impressive. -- -- -- And I don't really wasn't series which he said but she was -- that she would maybe get her -- insured 2.5. For each -- you bump into something with those saying hello hey she's made him you you can claims. Yeah. -- a long career and the -- and -- -- -- hit TV shows of those things so never mind my marijuana and whether she lives with. Related news I'm about to become an insurance just. Jennifer yeah. Thank you have been. Yeah. I'm changing gears completely speaking -- now David -- 66 years older than ten years ago that he wasn't getting it ready. Yeah. Yeah. You have them even sharing -- -- -- made it. Yeah. Yeah he hasn't. Apparently best kept -- yeah history its new music new music. It's called an accident in the eighth and apparently being received with some good -- critics. The best work that he's had since the eighties and the seventeenth if you can believe -- -- there you -- -- -- announced in January and think these experts say that he had this new album coming out there. Welcome back David -- he. Here unsolicited on this note here what -- affairs of all time Tina Turner on the cover of vogue for the first time ever at -- seven a former. Love you and good we don't buy those famous legs and head -- joy she never recover look forward now she is looked didn't really Tina Turner. Yes. -- -- and but don't act. Yeah. Post Soviet and -- -- to go to ten seconds I was still all there. --

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{"id":18707901,"title":"Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants Breast Insurance","duration":"2:56","description":"\"The Client List\" actress says that she may take out $5 million dollars on her breasts.","url":"/WNN/video/jennifer-love-hewitt-breast-insurance-18707901","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}