Jerry Rice's Super Bowl preview

The Hall of Fame receiver gives his prediction for the game as he talks about snacks and his time on "Dancing with the Stars."
5:25 | 02/01/18

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Transcript for Jerry Rice's Super Bowl preview
Igniting. These Super Bowl party time and I heard talking about the greatest football players of all time Jerry Rice deficits among the top that list of mine he also apparently knows have been reported. Yes sure he does I caught up with the NFL legend. Who he's picking for the big game if he's really thinking about a return and he still got the moves. Put the big game just days away I had. Who better to talk Super Bowl then three time champ Jerry Rice. Start and with a one thing hall of Famer is best known war. You know you got their t.'s. You got. Peaks in the blanket whatever. Jerry teaming up with notable good debt and inspiring this any pac I'm at home and I'm trying to put together. But to give it my own little leg Super Bowl party. I've got my hell of a good. Fanny pack helped but we'll get you got this vetting panel fumble and being you know you could teach him right here you got to be and he and didn't you got to give great here okay. Did I put my hands you took it to you book. Okay separate my different here because who with the chips here my celery all of us so there. In an alternate way it's. You read it is just kick back in religious until we just need some Hancock's. I don't know about. You know because of the Mississippi. I don't know what to expect in the you'd have to do him and you Hoss also there's nothing that you can't. Is legally get goodness. All right let's really talk about wood Jerry is best known for. The 2006 season of Dancing With The Stars of course where he was second runner up. For aren't. She reroute. You. I don't like Communists kicked. Jewish news. We'll have a dance all. He already knew how to dance he knew about you know how to accomplish our community news they have one. Alone you know almost like official a lot of maybe a football hall of Famer but in recent years it's his dancing that's still getting him attention. I'm just expert Italy it want to take a picture of me because of dance with stocks yet. And one half game but yet the Super Bowl ring right right it's like Dancing With The Stars right. So they want to gets quarreled. They don't want getting up. Spitzer says one of the greatest of all time he knows football that's gonna win. I don't know. I have to be honest with you. I think what they experienced a ghost and the patriots but that I think with Philadelphia's two days didn't look up. Just to get to the some hopeful. I don't know anything I want about pixel want always opens it. Jerry making headlines lately by saying he has thought about making a return to the sport we have loved to gotten. The pass coverage we'll. Yeah I can still get so get past. Still I still got may be welcoming the eighty catches in means all you know it Tom so if you really took the receiver. Hey I'm your guy and finally settling the age old argument. Is Joseph Montana where Tom Brady the greatest of all time you know it's a whole different era. What what he has accomplished. I think as a means because we were talking about he got five rings right now. He's got for number six and he still he wants to continue to play I would love to see. If he was able to to do what he's doing now back when when I play yet. And as for that other quarterback controversy. 49ers are looking good with Jimmy. I call him Jimmy GQ these days it's been looking at right now who's better looking Jimmy or Tom Brady. Felt like it better we don't want to take you over me. That's a tough one I don't let your sports questions equipped common in the garage and I love this out so here's a snack belt you put it over. And view tattoo in your able to put all of your. Snacks here like I've figured out last myself. I mean I doubt I can telling you strap it on and then I got. You can expanded as the game gets worse out her as your belly gets bigger than Jerry teaching how to dance. He took taught me how to to Toro as well yes but also since since we're talking dips we did a different sort of sun. I put my hand upon my head when I did you do if we did. You put your hand Obama get when not if you did it didn't dare say at a put my. Did you at. I would say earlier than anybody dancing with took genuine tape we have for the big game when the. Well I end up on your work done. I about it. It's.

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{"id":52762006,"title":"Jerry Rice's Super Bowl preview","duration":"5:25","description":"The Hall of Fame receiver gives his prediction for the game as he talks about snacks and his time on \"Dancing with the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/jerry-rices-super-bowl-preview-52762006","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}