Johnny Depp's Retirement 'Not Too Far Away'

The actor says he wouldn't mind having a quieter life outside of his Hollywood duties.
3:44 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Johnny Depp's Retirement 'Not Too Far Away'
-- -- -- -- -- -- Acting career could it be in the twilight. I have to wait and see but -- Brady said that -- before and in various. Interviews but -- mold earlier this week told the BBC that he's seriously considering moving away from the movies for good one of his quotes was. But wouldn't say -- dropping out any second but I would say it's not too far away. He says at a certain point you start to think when you add up the amount of dialogue and -- per year you realize that you said written words more than you've got a chance to say your own words. That it becomes kind of an insane option for you are human being I wouldn't mind having a choir. Life like that so at any rate. He could be thinking about dropping out but this is the one thing -- can take heart yet at least. Three more films coming out in the next two to three years at least -- -- also rumors of pirates of the Caribbean by an Alice in Wonderland still so when he's says -- retire in 2000 -- If he does retire I think we're gonna see him for at least a few more years at least five blockbuster yeah. Yeah and I daddy I'm gonna retire after reviewing other 2000 will be -- now -- -- -- out a lot -- has been. But I got to -- -- she is stripping down for a -- -- -- ticket check at this picture she is showing yet well that's -- but you know picture yet there is -- there she is so this is all to benefit. -- skin cancer resurgence of our tickets T shirt. All the proceeds are going to the research obviously. She's supposed to -- you can -- completely naked eye Aaron just covering herself with hands down but -- and up top. With a sign that has protected ski gear and so she'd -- out today -- just you know completed this project from Marc Jacobs who's gonna get teachers got thirteen million followers plus. A couple of people that watched that show I'm sure this is gonna -- out pretty soon. They're out it violates our whole lot of -- cannot give our let's talk what Jennifer Aniston is -- on is letting off. You have any idea I have -- so true. And evaluating got all excited -- and cheat sheet in my hand to arrest him Fletcher engagement ring in New York City on Saturday and apparently the 44 year -- says. The wedding with just in the row is very much shock she says quote we just wanna do when it's perfect and not rush to no one's rushing for a job -- to a job. You tell that to the Associated Press on Saturday. So she says we are already feeling married so yes it is going to -- She says no -- are -- Well let's see it happen that lets see the beautiful pictures can't wait. Today as James Dean an adult film star who has kind of made the transition into the mainstream movies with this one movie called the canyons. What and his costar is Lindsay arm and it -- spilling the beans about what it -- like to be on set with the Lindsay. And -- so there are about to issue this -- -- sexy. And apparently she locked herself in her dressing room. And after their cases to come out of the director of the yelling at her you signed the contract he knew that you be there -- new scenes. Get -- That's out there we need to see you generation finally got out -- all shot in just one scene because that's all the time that she would dedicate to the movie. Most pristine shot just one -- because she had to be done linkage to get upset about something he'd stopped off. You're just shooting one scene -- -- go some people upset say that she would smoke in her room by herself she was related to the shoot sometimes thirty minutes sometimes several hours. At one point she demanded to be lit like a real cinematographer are -- She lives she wouldn't yelling -- under the bag. Palin is not a good luck apparently reliving -- trying to make a little bit and come back yeah. Very -- -- Lindsay being Lindsay arms that we go.

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{"id":19802367,"title":"Johnny Depp's Retirement 'Not Too Far Away'","duration":"3:44","description":"The actor says he wouldn't mind having a quieter life outside of his Hollywood duties.","url":"/WNN/video/johnny-depps-retirement-19802367","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}