June’s online sales showdown

Amazon, Target and Walmart are set to compete later this month for your dollars! ABC News' Will Ganss speaks with Trae Bodge about tips and deals.
2:41 | 06/03/21

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Transcript for June’s online sales showdown
The competition. This is kind of unprecedented. Especially being in June never seen as or Amazon prime date target deal days and Wal-Mart deals for days. Colliding in just a few weeks all overlapping between June 20 and 23. Target really seeming to square up with Amazon this year's saying. Target deal days is designed for every one. No membership fee required seemingly taking a shot at Amazon primes membership fees while all three online retail giants will likely compete similar early in areas of home fashion and general electronics. Amazon will have deep discounts on their echo elect's and Kindle devices. That's something that I would look at it you do have an item like app on your list otherwise if you're looking for something more general Aggie you can certainly shop around shopping around during the summer's biggest online shopping showdown. Easier said than done. Luckily Trey has your back. Tip number one install at least one or two browser extensions. For instance slick deals dot net is a site that I work with. They cap a feature called the deal alert. So there's a specific agony you're looking for you can Saturday alert for it and you'll automatically be notified when that item goes on sale tipped do you go in with the game plan I would look at those things that you love and reorder it or use all the time. 88 about upcoming events navy you need a wedding captures our current economy. And tip three be on the lookout for sneaked year special offers I know that Amazon is offering. Ten dollar rebate if you order ten dollars or more specific small businesses for instance it were to be seeing similar things there. Shea also says she's not anticipating deep discounts on large furniture and large appliances when these deal they've come around and a couple weeks. Those are the type of things that were just on sale over the Memorial Day weekend you guys now the mattress weak right. As saving a bunch of stuff here right now our it was a bright day much stuff quite clearly don't need but I'm gonna buy it well not have filtered bonds and the nice. Yeah on discount of what exactly primed it's stressful I'd like feel like you know you see the flash steals pop up in an indirect. You have ten seconds that I dissent from despite. I packages are ready here. Updated. Firm need and it's also being sought a report and I'm gonna for me it's more of the game into the public not toaster and I don't even needed to groceries are ranking don't want because you're like I ever did deny is not. Yeah day electric. Beer and save our. That I need this Fedora hey everyone needs of the door Amazon prime day.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Amazon, Target and Walmart are set to compete later this month for your dollars! ABC News' Will Ganss speaks with Trae Bodge about tips and deals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78059799","title":"June’s online sales showdown","url":"/WNN/video/junes-online-sales-showdown-78059799"}