Justin Bieber Will Catch a Break

Justin Bieber may be getting a plea deal that will drop DWI charges in drunk driving case.
3:23 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Will Catch a Break
It is time now for the skinny and a legal break for Justin made. A big break his drunk driving case in Miami Florida expected to conclude today with a plea deal -- the state dropping in the big DUI charge Bieber of course. Was arrested last January along with a friend after they allegedly drag race. -- behind the wheel of that yellow Lamborghini to Miami Herald reporting this morning. That lawyers will accept a guilty plea for careless driving. And resisting arrest also part of the deal anger management courses -- compulsory viewing of videos showing a loyal -- tragic consequences of drunk driving. All right maybe who actually sitting -- most classes or watch them on -- we'll see. That says yes it judges gonna give that order next another reason fans and ABC's Nashville lovers of country music want to check this out the season premiere coming next month. The season two finale cliff hanger back in May left child. Trial -- character in the admit that I love triangle but wait there's more that's right during season three's premiere as simple performance on the -- -- Which Grammy nominated country singer -- -- Carter. Live from the -- -- Kathy Sachs and special live season premiere national airs on September 24. Right here ABC news. Next up attention breaking bad fans AMC is out with a trailer for a creek well. Better call song better call Saul -- of course -- Saul Goodman played by Bob Weldon -- he was Walter White sleazy colorful attorney you're breaking bad. The upcoming show takes place before they meet. For your movie viewing pleasure here's the teaser basically in its entirety. Lawyers. It more like health insurance you hope you never needed me and home and that heaven it. -- a lot of -- there ANC -- if you didn't Bryan Cranston is Walter White Bryan Cranston could make an appearance. Better call Saul is set to air in February. How could -- -- here's another -- -- some fun pictures of Jerry retailers who have her new Vietnam War of showing the world that their talent goes well beyond the recording studio. The -- singing sensations are also brushing up on their culinary skills they took a cooking class together in Rhode Island. As with posted this picture on instead Graham calling him the best and only cooking lesson -- Ever had in -- -- get a taste of what they're making take a look some -- there she referred to sweep is a super good cook no word though. On whether their next collaboration will be in musical one before. Are -- the face have been on the cover of this month's Harper's bazaar looks vaguely familiar there is a good reason take a look. That is -- -- Farrar the granddaughter of legendary Audrey Hepburn. Same dark hair beautiful complexion and those famous cheekbones. And -- never got to know -- grandmother but she says she watches her old movies. She has silence -- -- Let's move on some birthdays today on this Wednesday celebrating birthdays. Bonaduce once the ten year old Danny Partridge Family. He's 55 today John Slattery from mad men is 52. Actress -- -- who starred in the TV series the Walking Dead is turning 29. And the Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins finished 24 -- happy birthday.

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{"id":24957491,"title":"Justin Bieber Will Catch a Break","duration":"3:23","description":"Justin Bieber may be getting a plea deal that will drop DWI charges in drunk driving case.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-catch-break-24957491","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}