Justin Bieber Gets Naked in Hawaii

Justin Bieber bares it all just days after photos of a nude Orlando Bloom on a beach in Italy are unveiled.
4:03 | 08/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Gets Naked in Hawaii
Time now for this get a and it's happened headlines this morning a rivalry between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom it's. Heating up social media to sort it putting this genie in skinny dip. Apparently. Anything Orlando can do Justin Bieber can do better just days after bloom was caught on camera whipping off this sort of trucks to paddle board with Katy Perry in Italy. Sure hearing a frantic search by fans to find on Stearns has photos. We'll be bird now one upping his. Rival beaver has caught on camera at dropping Trout in Hawaii with Australian girlfriend to RA as. Daring get any option cases sadly we can't show you those at the math we can't show you those photos. But we can show you these Tamer photos from beads vacation frolicking in the water with the giants. Pink flamingo in her true. And with friends including. Raid during a relaxed and more PG rated moment lot of people going online you worried kids read that line of subject the including ovarian and go right wary go in there. You can go you can look for yourself and try to figure out toward better fever of for brewer didn't Wear different it took. Next they're near revelation about Hector is had her fill of the game. She and her suicide squad costar Margot Robbie apparently trying to outdo each other in the wild reputation department chatting up their six foot. Sudden out Robbie has revealed that fell a game that takes the cake so to speak. Basic invited that actually up and drug text Britain's Prince Harry late at night. BS are the two men party would carry late last year in London at a bash held by a model city water house where he joined them in a photo Booth. Along with princess Eugenie of York actress Sienna Miller and empty the entertainer reporter poppy Jamie. And Robbie says she also has Harry's phone number by the way not to be a character. But while they do AuthenTec to each other she admits that she's not always as quick to reply that he is saying. He's mr. pretty quick to text. Who broke bill also gives him waiting. For response often for a week that's wired stilts and pop pop and so back to LA shall we go and Lily Tomlin the actress had had some pointed words to say about certain mean critics she was honored by the Television Critics Association awards over the weekend at the Beverly Hilton hotel presented. What the career achievement award by her Frankie and Grey's costar Jane Fonda but he's appeared on TV for decades on shows like laugh and Murphy Brown of course and the west wing. And he said the television critics tend to be much more nicer than some of their peers in other areas of entertainment. She singled out one Broadway critic though she said is a critic no more. We'll refer to her as a horse face not once not twice but three times. He's trying to hammer that home but diamonds award this weekend came on the heels of last week's announcement that the Screen Actors Guild will award her with a lifetime achievement award. At the awards in generate. And finally for residents of one village in Western New York Lucille Lucille Ball is scary no more. That he never call the uproar over this statue erected involves hometown. As Celeron New York seven years ago that Biomet has portrayed a green economy is wild and it didn't have a sort of a poisons wielding demon some said. The upper offered to redo the stature for. Free the town declined to OK well now. At long last look at that scary Lucy has been replaced with this steps you with more recognizable hair the trademark arched eyebrows. And rather than bearing her teeth like a rabid dog a lovely smile up. Fortunately -- story doesn't end there is scary news he will not be cast away into the fires. Instead he'll be moved to another but Navarro are seeking continue to terrified about children and adults for generations it and it was all done to market Lucy's birthday it was just this past Saturday. I think Britain.

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{"id":41199530,"title":"Justin Bieber Gets Naked in Hawaii ","duration":"4:03","description":"Justin Bieber bares it all just days after photos of a nude Orlando Bloom on a beach in Italy are unveiled.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-naked-hawaii-41199530","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}