Justin Timberlake Releases New Song

The singer says his new album will be released later this year.
2:58 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for Justin Timberlake Releases New Song
And and it's not -- Our digital -- shut -- and Justin Timberlake JC. New somber the Internet just released -- this is his first. I'll be sold six years until hasn't been that long since 2006 is for seven years almost -- six. What sells albums and there. There has been -- line. So this is get a lot -- arousal social media right now these -- Jay-Z songs Paulson and ties so I'm sure to get a lot of radio play. I don't want to the next few days and wait for the video to come. That's going to be together negativity he does that's going to be popular -- -- -- -- acting career since taking a break from music but now you can hear think he's back yes. How about this I in -- we scour the free markets are always hoping that this happens to be that never does the before Texas man he had this painting hanging on the back of his door well in his home office. Turns out that it's actually a painting by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. And it's worth 800000. Wow between 800000 a million dollars he just goes he takes its antiques roadshow and hey it's -- That that is how much. -- it was worth apparently is great grandparents fled back in 1920 and it's and it's. A very famous painting because this is a famous -- and it dates back his paintings in 190. For -- million dollars just hanging in your home office and you don't even know. It was one of the bigger prizes from that that shows ever seen too much effort tonight and -- never recovered wow. Echoing through that happens -- behind. A little something. A man walking -- -- Yeah -- the coldest place in Chicago the ultimate man cave this -- three and a half million dollars Chicago Condo and the best part of his status by the called the making it could be. -- garage it is that you music converted. Twelve car garage and it's converted into a Ferrari themed show room and entertainment space you can see these. High end cars there porsches ferraris and what have you -- -- 2700 square foot feed and show room including the lighting heating even a bar to the whole thing includes the building amenities in this building -- -- private park. -- health club or restaurant grocery store three and a half million dollars 2500 square foot he will bedroom. It is ridiculous so it is. I hated it must be a man and a blanket you know he'll let federal with the relevant -- -- 67 floors up too cold. That's not release and -- like. Rob feel like this story motion controlled -- A nationally gamely is trying to come up with this interactive video in 3-D so that when you're watching the -- and you can somehow. Participate in what's going on ho -- -- It comes with a joystick.

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{"id":18208521,"title":"Justin Timberlake Releases New Song","duration":"2:58","description":"The singer says his new album will be released later this year.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-timberlake-releases-song-18208521","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}