Kanye and Kim's Baby Reportedly Has a Name

The rapper and reality TV star named their newborn North West, according to reports.
4:37 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for Kanye and Kim's Baby Reportedly Has a Name
I doubt I'm that -- Guinea and of course you -- start it came in Kanye West their baby we -- name. They don't know it was a good infinitely gene or Mary -- that much we know that it isn't -- it out according to the birth certificate from cedar Sinai hospital. The first thing is north north yes and the last name -- west put it together and you get. -- flat last. Name yet on what I think about it. I don't it's a little different but you know it's it's nice enough the could have been a lot worse. What do you think I think they may change you certainly have the right to change it I think this is just to get us talking and then maybe there can reveal the real thing down. Just think they have nicknamed it down for -- handily Laurie right or is that right to be the nickname and sounds like a storm like northeast. Interesting north I don't think anybody -- that in Las Vegas the -- managers very good fine just about Jennifer Garner and her marriage to Ben Affleck and apparently it all stems or. Revolves around the Red Sox Jennifer Garner said her marriage to Ben Affleck wouldn't have happened without the Red Sox World Series victory back in 2004. She says basically. If they hadn't -- -- -- I don't think I'd be married with three kids to -- the USA today on Wednesday. She says because I think it would have been considered I would have been considered a jinx Boston -- -- serious about their superstitions. I really think you can actually. What they do by wearing -- sure where they sit the whole foods on Annapolis was -- 2005. And she's now a big Red Sox fan as well. -- the entire lineup and who knows -- Red Sox did not break the curse. Trying to be married in the night -- have three kids I -- so -- To that I can just see that really -- that's real and maybe tonight with the Miami Heat winning here's some. Blossoming relationships that are happening but I wouldn't surprise -- champagne flowing down there. That might happen afterwards. What did you old Johnny -- this Johnny -- right so we all know he wears those classes that kind of hinted he looks cool yep but -- -- -- apparently he has had very bad eyesight problems since he was. Born. -- says he's basically blind as a bat in his left -- He's now fifty years old -- -- -- he can't Wear corrective contact you've got whether classes would make some movie. It's really hard for him so it's not just looks so cool them it's really truly legit right and when he was all -- Funny playing Jack Sparrow that might have been because he says he can only if you feet in front of his face when he participates in -- -- -- an amazing Johnny deputies. Younger like every all the actress and his generation starting to look a little old. And he just looks as young as that looks great I do think you know for -- -- fifty. But he is fifteen we've got other fifty year old I'm not for a -- -- Brad and I of course like to gag Natalie did you meet him. Absolutely did you see Johnny Depp -- networks. There's video we showed yesterday he he was a stunt for his new movie Lone Ranger and he felt remorse he's okay but it was really dramatic look forward to that he's still -- Then -- what Kirstie Alley. -- weight loss east title cut the weight loss things -- apparently she has settled a 130000. Dollar lawsuit. After making false claims that she lost a hundred pounds from diet product alone and this is -- product called organic liaison Kirstie Alley. Quietly settling that lawsuit. And apparently a 62 year old not she's 62 year old former. Start -- -- credited this product organic liaison. As the sole reason -- that 100 pound weight loss but it disgruntled customer -- last July and Clinton at product and mark and you bought part of the settlement. Kirstie Alley was ordered to pay the woman and her attorneys 130000. Bucks -- that's according to The National Enquirer. Settlement agreed. For removal of the term food and product from the web site. The company now -- issue a disclaimer explaining that organic liaison to calorie based weight loss projects that day but just 8000 dollars. Yet interesting they went after parent and -- I don't blame the messenger but the winner after an endorsement product as a celebrity. And they hold you live -- the makers of products absolutely such got a call a 130000. I mean you know these weight loss products are really got to sort of by everywhere around us such thing. Caveat emptor is they sent out there's always a lot of five -- -- -- during the commercial -- -- anyway and some of these want to -- over the top silly that you. Just I don't know how anybody would take them seriously but I don't know much about this products I can't please but they.

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{"id":19453498,"title":"Kanye and Kim's Baby Reportedly Has a Name","duration":"4:37","description":"The rapper and reality TV star named their newborn North West, according to reports.","url":"/WNN/video/kanye-kims-baby-reportedly-19453498","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}