Kate Middleton Hoping for a Boy

The Duchess of Cambridge discusses hopes for the sex of her first child.
3:35 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Hoping for a Boy
I didn't feel welcome back and welcome to the -- that to get to today lots celebrity news forget all. Starting with Kate Middleton the duchess of Cambridge -- you on the she's pregnant stuff happens pregnant a couple of weeks ago she -- -- -- template -- -- -- Asked her a question and -- -- gave her something and she said she was gonna give it to -- in debt -- -- and everybody automatically -- new deal and now her darling Douglas. Daughter -- everything that everybody thinks everybody think she meant to say daughter well it's. She might be doing a little back -- -- -- -- seventeen Patrick's day parade she told us soldier. That number they don't know what they're happening to secondly she's actually -- between hoping for a sign him. And -- her husband prince. William is secretly hoping for a good. There at the opposite stand like it -- not like. You know we into the homecoming exactly is that what you don't know what you would what you're gonna actually have and it sounds like you're not having that -- Donna and you -- recently moved from where I wanted a girl I didn't. Well and I got to got to got -- every tiny state that it feels like you don't want what you got I love my son and -- a chorus or support outraged. We have always rally following patients -- -- They are -- -- Taylor Charlie Sheen is all according to TMC apparently. Charlie Sheen private former private school parents. From the daughter Charlie Sheen went to this private school they -- prosecuted several parents the -- school Los Angeles tell CMC. That a meeting was held Thursday night to address sheen's Twitter rant in which you what are known as fast to the base viewpoint. With dog feces. Rotten eggs and toilet paper why -- recordings DMZ Sheehan says he urged his fans to exact revenge on the school because it did nothing to address bullying situation -- -- -- does not year old daughter -- and -- could make it pretty -- I have a nine year old daughter she's getting bullied I'd be hot but parents say that this is. Bad behavior and then not let this lie they say that sheen's Twitter rant is gonna put their kids in danger. And she's been in the New Orleans then he's a little bit of the bad -- a little bit -- and back. OK so some celebrity breakups and celebrity get back together apparently say OK so Ryan Seacrest Julianna -- they apparently -- together for marine. -- -- years living together on right -- who saw the tape are pictures of them everywhere they want they have split. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at home and your promise you have called off their separation and really yeah. Together after thirty years of marriage they've been working on the relationship for the past couple of months and they decided to give their union another chance good fit for that second chance -- that need to be. Let's talk about this one Emma Watson yes Harry Potter thing yes adorable beauty who's now grown up into a beautiful -- manages well is. Talk about I've grown up woman was listening there's rumors that. Emma Watson. That was going to be that the shades of -- possibly cast war -- -- -- The book by the way I did not -- chatter just what notably just I don't read chapter of how an audience that -- -- -- I digress but apparently -- says this is not happening who actually thinks I would do get the shades of gray is a movie like a really -- -- real life. Anyway several she's sort of saying that not so much -- -- -- looks her reputation is that even very young Q worker also I can understand it. It isn't easy getting what does it returns march 18 bridges today -- our premiere you want to -- chant.

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{"id":18757951,"title":"Kate Middleton Hoping for a Boy","duration":"3:35","description":"The Duchess of Cambridge discusses hopes for the sex of her first child.","url":"/WNN/video/kate-middleton-hoping-for-boy-18757951","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}