Katy Perry copyright drama

A jury rules that Katy Perry's hit 2013 song "Dark Horse" infringes on the copyrights of a 2009 song by a Christian rapper. ABC News' Will Ganss has the details.
7:00 | 07/30/19

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Transcript for Katy Perry copyright drama
It was a dark day for Katy Perry inside a courtroom in Los Angeles jury reached a verdict in a copyright infringement case against her song dark wars. Our own we'll Kansas here with the details. The active morning you guys most copyright cases are dismissed before ever getting to trial. But not this time around Katy Perry swapping sold out stadiums for crowded courtroom. A legal storm brewing for one of Katy Perry's biggest hits this morning Los Angeles jury ruling that the pop star's ex. Smash song dark horse is a copyright infringement that jury deciding after two days of deliberations that the Grammy nominated song improperly copied and earlier song by Christian rapper planes take a listen for yourself and pay close attention to that beat in the background. That's about it. And now dark horse which came out in 2013. During the weeklong trial both Katy Perry and the song's producer doctor Luke testified that they had never heard of flame or his son before releasing dark chords. This case following that highly publicized showdown in fifteen between Robin take for L Williams and Marvin gays family and a judge ruled that blurred lines improperly copied gays 1977. Song. Got to give it up. The final settlement of that case five million dollars paid to Marvin gave Stanley and 50% of future royalties. The damages portion of the dark horse case will begin later today. Kenneth today. Hearing those two songs that right next three Kennedy opposition. Exercise. All we come back about flat reveals some very personal details as he's down to the two final contenders. Scan easements. 10987654321. It's time for this Guinea were starting things went. Beginning of the end for the current season the bad back can you believe it I can't move Amanda yeah. And I did seem like yesterday he had all those men. And he's been Willie Willie it down. She makes her big neverland CNN tonight here to talk about is our chief bachelorette analyst axiom stack of mortgages. Go letting go only going to last night it Kenneth engine it was sort of these seemingly interminable. Two night finale of the current season of the bachelor at. When it began there were three guys involved. After not for a long overall lead beautiful bachelorette footage. Now where were we right. That's right rose ceremony in Crete Peter Tyler the analysts peak G Ed Hanna. Making new big decisions I'm not just isn't some might east. Heart breaking aren't the analysts pick Jake gets a rose as high alert gets a rose buffalo. No rose for Peter. I wasn't he the guy in the Windmills. Better warmup the SUV Peter needs a ride all the way to the hot seat in LA Cruz talk and a Hanna they made the big revelation. A little dog contest about something and we knew for an opinion what we didn't happen. It was actually. Fourteen. Dads his justice puffed up. Paul and. Right back to Crete Tyler meets Venice family they love this guy jade meats and his family. Tough questions about the future one of the things that I know that are going to be necessary is providing for hand my must Manger. Accomplishments is that I have signed a deal worth. Dog food company that didn't go too well. Last gate with Tyler let's try horseback riding again their last day ends well I can. CB. Last game would shed the boat on Iraqis see. Shadowing. I'm getting hit today I'm taking you now eyes and nervous tonight and bad. Now and I'm in the race Miami's art to my. They could be as. So that might not bode too well for the analysts pick Jeb lectures review thankfully this is over tonight. There are three people still involve the analyst rigidity and Tyler man of course Hanna be what's ever left over. A scares the the previews indication fallen on the road. Telling cars to pull over let's get this over with an eye on that note yap analyst Alice. All can't wait can't wait can't wait thanks Jack. Should be interest they can our thoughts are with you this year are.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"A jury rules that Katy Perry's hit 2013 song \"Dark Horse\" infringes on the copyrights of a 2009 song by a Christian rapper. ABC News' Will Ganss has the details. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64650855","title":"Katy Perry copyright drama","url":"/WNN/video/katy-perry-copyright-drama-64650855"}