Katy Perry Weighs In On Twitter Feud

Nicki Minaj's venting on Twitter about VMA nominations sparked reaction from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.
4:09 | 07/23/15

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Transcript for Katy Perry Weighs In On Twitter Feud
I starts getting with the superstar you got to do is start right. We've gotten even vs Taylor Swift now Katie Perry getting into the rain will get a royal row while the users through the biggest names in music these days now. Let's break this down for yesterday the skinny we told you about the MTV video music award nominations Taylor Swift nominated for video of the year it would not. Mickey's video for Anaconda broke all kinds of records. For abuse upon its release which is eight she Phelps not so she fired off a series of tweets including this one which read. If your video celebrates women with a very slim bodies you will be nominated for video of the year. So Taylor Swift thinking that with the knock against heard her bad blood music video featuring supermodels replied. It's unlike you Nikki two pit women against each other Nikita replied. And they seem to have worked it out she says she wasn't talking about Taylor directly than usual names of not talking about you but does not really anybody if she could have been talking about it. But here comes Katy Perry now. She calls counties went for being hypocritical noting that the bad blood storyline is about the takedown of another woman a woman at most considered to be hearings. So there you go what what do you do this. Little painful if it were much about is also screen artists and their own right. But they can tailor it to put it bills through the big names in music. Knitted works and apparently it's not what I think the appropriate measure would be is to give them world news now out of. They're all celebrities are their throw their trophies doctor about trophies. There's that the popcorn trophy back and we just got loads. Tell us what a great deal let's send them a world news now we're gonna get to that later you know they're getting into loot they get a center responds like the rest of the viewer if they wanna look at. Once you're in doubt we'll ride James and rumors that is the latest Hollywood deal. Could lead to a space jams flight what would rather enjoyed some critical acclaim for his comedic role in the new movie train wreck yesterday production coming into the studio deal with Warner Bros. Couple that with the recent of course and Warner Bros. filing some for renewed space jam trademarks. And other rumors are flying yes or no official plans for follow for the 1996 movie to basketball or in the future Michael Jordan but the tasteful one is strong there was ever anybody to feel Michael Jordan Nike is in the rules it would be withdrawn. We Chelsea this is just the favorite of folks this. People. Pulled it up here we've that's more Hollywood speculation John Snow is really did. A video Louise did very. I didn't now and he's dead. Well. Iverson's team of Brown's season finale fans have been crushed with the apparent. Death of the beloved character and so many are holding out with theories on how he might some bond CM one of that. Theories that we have delivered right here in the skin. Or they forget all that here's the real proof though there is snow. Will be in season six doesn't summer saying the group group told their kid Harrington you place no spotted in Belfast this is the next season is beginning film and. Old love that man bun look at that. And finally. That the James Franco to become the mayor and or at least that's what his buddies Seth Rogen. Yes let's explain Rogen and his wife or throwing frank go above it's not. Apparently always wanted one he never got one and his mother though isn't that Jewish okay now although about mitts it will not be beneficial one. It will be done for a good call. The celebration. Will be held at the Hollywood I am in October during the hilarity for charity variety show that broken organization. Benefiting alzheimer's awareness such a good cause. And I thought it was more than just departments and it's just. It's more than it this morning and it's more than a Bob innocent sales before but it is a charity event the real bottom at one negative I thought maybe he needs to speak learning Hebrew and we'd. How to tore reading it wait but he's way past that time what is in almost forty never too late teachers to never to let. It's too late hits Smith.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Nicki Minaj's venting on Twitter about VMA nominations sparked reaction from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32633321","title":"Katy Perry Weighs In On Twitter Feud","url":"/WNN/video/katy-perry-weighs-twitter-feud-32633321"}