Kavanaugh says he was 'too emotional' during testimony

Senators took turns looking through the FBI's report of sexual misconduct allegations, and some remain uncertain. ABC News' Emily Rau reports.
2:28 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh says he was 'too emotional' during testimony
Are going to be get what Brett Cavanaugh. Making a last ditch effort to sway a handful of undecided senators. Head of a critical vote today they could get him one step closer to the Supreme Court in this morning's Wall Street Journal Cavanaugh writes an op Ed. Acknowledging he may have Ben. Too emotional during that contentious senate hearing last week. Even though some of his remarks at the hearing were prepared in advance in sees similar row has the latest from Washington good morning Amylin. Good morning ten days and Maggie we are now hours away from the next step in the process said judge catamounts confirmation. And he mentioned ten days the Supreme Court nominee now saying he might have been too emotional during that testimony. After a week of silence following that explosive testimony. This is a circus. Judge Greg Kavanagh now defending himself in the Wall Street Journal writing and my time in high school in college more than thirty years ago has been ridiculously. Distorted. And addressing what some had called his disqualifying temperament last Thursday. I know the my tone was sharp and I said a few things I should not have sat. Cabot Oz up bed coming at the end of a ten today in Washington. More than 300 protesters arrested as senators took turns coming through the FBI report on this I saw allegations against Kavanagh with only nine witnesses interviewed counted on Christine bloody Ford not among them Democrats are calling the investigation as she AM. Democrats. Agreed that the investigation's. Scope should be limited. We do not agree that the White House should tied the FBI's hands. Republicans including key. Undecideds. Lake in season Collins say they're satisfied. Another holdout Republican Lisa Murkowski still undecided but president trump appearing confident at a rally in Minnesota. The air. Rage fueled resistance. Is starting to backfire at a level that nobody has ever seen. And in another op that a group of Yale grads who describe themselves as Kavanagh as college drinking buddies is said that no one should be able to line their way onto the Supreme Court. And that next procedural vote is set for 10:30 eastern time Tennessee Maggie back to you. And then the big vote possibly tomorrow and Capitol Hill and Lee -- thank you.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Senators took turns looking through the FBI's report of sexual misconduct allegations, and some remain uncertain. ABC News' Emily Rau reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58302799","title":"Kavanaugh says he was 'too emotional' during testimony","url":"/WNN/video/kavanaugh-emotional-testimony-58302799"}