Kid Lip-Syncs Queen for 3 Years

A new viral video shows a boy singing Queen for three years.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kid Lip-Syncs Queen for 3 Years
Welcome back it is time for the makes and we are still sport -- this -- we are not given is up to go format and I'll do the hotel like this insane utility cute all right we're start. You -- you get a song stuck in your head and he just hear it over and over again all of these. -- got to have an extreme case of that check out this video. This is Matt Perry he's started making this video he was fifty years. He's recorded himself every single day for three years -- dealing with eighteen years old. -- to this queen song. And then edited all together you can see him kind of age -- Kerry gets longer and then he goes in the reverse and you see him. Get younger through the video really interesting concept -- he must really like that song. I don't only focus to planes -- over and -- I -- it now for a lot of other people too because it's it's really popular on the Internet it's getting about 600000. Views -- just for one day block grant popularity you know. Earlier we were talking about dieting and you know what I can -- what we want to show you transformation that one person had. Including a video of him showing off that you transformation. -- and the answer to this is -- ready user his name is -- construction. He posted this photo of himself in 2012. And then -- posted. A current photo. -- -- From now so this is a case of I guess what some would take extreme weight loss he really took his health and his own hands huge change but what he did was CC he had some family members who hadn't seen dad dad -- weight -- -- -- -- has. Has that he lost. Since he surprised them in a video that went online showing them. What his new weight loss is like we have the video to -- best. -- And that's just -- -- in your mind and you can creates a beautiful moments that is great OK so heated did the the weight loss the old fashioned way that. Of course in the magazines he seemed weight loss weight gain and that's because if they I didn't -- photos -- a former editor of cosmopolitan -- Actually did this expo today showing that not only are they making models look thinner by using Photoshop they're actually. Filling out models containing a little more weight to this is Cameron Diaz -- -- -- -- the kind of filled in her cheeks a little more later looks like she had a little more weight. Those kind of reverse to the controversy usually hear about Photoshop. -- an -- -- You look perfect just what -- -- as innocent it has now.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video shows a boy singing Queen for three years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21444913","title":"Kid Lip-Syncs Queen for 3 Years","url":"/WNN/video/kid-lip-syncs-queen-years-21444913"}