Kids News Now: Oscars fashion

We brought in our well-dressed kid correspondents to break down the night's fiercest fashion with ABC News’ Will Ganss.
3:52 | 02/10/20

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Transcript for Kids News Now: Oscars fashion
Or cock. Writes let's go to on the line tell me a little bit about the outfit that you're wearing. A start. But he wearing Wear ill. Cords it's. A Y apartment. We see Billy reported that it still what what we remember it now orders out. Dress. 01 do we talk about art. A little load that back. At. Human skin freedom. What do we think of rebel Wilson now with the goal. I and who knows that Lin Manuel song. I. Shot I don't know who had not shot. Got me not to knock out what do you think of Regina King stress me. I asked him back on the guess how much the most expensive outfit and Oscar's history wise. 300. A little more than now eighteen. Million dollars. One person's dress and jewelry and it was eighteen million dollars. What would you do if you had eighteen million. Council five. Nice about you Alison eighteen million backs but he added. If stay. So look at Cindy every though look at her nails look at all of Marines do you like that much. Laying on somebody and. And in men and young. Vogel and warmth Scarlett Johansson won because she's a you know do some of them are in the here. Op we're not opening a box and I I just checking accounting. Are you get unity were easy entry on this candy out. Well. I'm any. It. Guys wouldn't think of Brad Pitt's hair. There is right there. The anybody think of Brad Pitt's hair. You don't look too long. What would you have done differently. I'm Alan. Uh oh Carly. It is look at what we think of the nails. Well. Do you like to green haired. Not a big. Rocks and looked. All she went overboard would you say the best part of it has been the fashion where the candy. Oh. Thinking how am. That you outfitted in major things are friends from bases independent and patent for staying up late on a school late to impart some of their fashion knowledge on less. By the way ahead of those three were my pastor I agree. Turn things I'm provost Jeff who did you give them. We're continuing our temporary studio here and we are doing the most right now we doubt what half hour. Yeah for a digital television productions that beer and a war for it plus doing the moves that with this little.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"We brought in our well-dressed kid correspondents to break down the night's fiercest fashion with ABC News’ Will Ganss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68880366","title":"Kids News Now: Oscars fashion","url":"/WNN/video/kids-news-now-oscars-fashion-68880366"}