Kid's Playtime Leads to Diaper Drop

Evie was pretending to ice skate at a Florida mall when her diaper fell to the ground.
2:57 | 10/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kid's Playtime Leads to Diaper Drop
-- -- Going to be like America's Funniest Home Videos in his first two this -- in -- -- in that -- -- Florida this is little Levy let's put it up. She's doing things you've been in the -- she saw ice skating says she wanted to try it -- this -- her. -- skating in her mind. Seven grand old time and and then yeah. But yeah. -- -- There were there was any surprise -- that type of confidence in the little happy if you. Think you shouldn't -- doing well look but not -- you know doing something about -- have been. A lot like that reverend filming doesn't like full of -- there. I think what's up blood at the Internet embarrass a child yeah -- can. The failure of another -- maybe it's actually that you may be combined with cute -- -- executed and it. So we don't let them originally I was really adorable this is -- a little they did learning to crawl out of starting on viral anything until. Getting married and they probably figured out that mom and I give this baby all the attention because it is -- -- police. Let me ask you as data gets -- -- around here about it. They've figured it out -- dropped to about isn't it yeah they are -- -- -- a lot of debate. Completely. Had no idea what's going on behind avenue is trying to get it together it was up at last they are ready 500000 views -- on -- viral quickly all right -- This that he -- the energy company Israel it has some spokes people that puppets and almost like Ernie and -- if you will and their name is. -- literally plug and socket. In Hebrew it's -- check and tech got. And there's been this ongoing for a decade speculation that he might be a same sex couple. And now there's a new baby and it's really getting everybody up and arms gay activists want them to come out so yeah. There there -- a couple -- -- baby and people who are not too happy about this day all the outrage and the company the Israel electric corporation basically said we ought to -- all the fuss is about we're just doing a commercial we're trying to give a message for clean air and -- you. You wisely in this that stuff. Some controversy. Continued so plug and socket are both men did both well I don't know -- maybe they're just some about it. -- I don't know their -- I assume that they -- but still a baby comes along and there was speculation lean years that. -- these guys might be a couple and now the baby comes -- people alike you know it either like already. Come out and say yes OK they're couple -- their kid cattle are -- what are you doing this. Right depending on where you can't tell Obama apparently if there is no love -- but. Maybe you want isn't her they're both definitely -- -- glad I'll let it possibly be a full life. Pretty hair like gum what's the word when you do nothing I don't know what else went -- a bit.

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{"id":20563353,"title":"Kid's Playtime Leads to Diaper Drop","duration":"2:57","description":"Evie was pretending to ice skate at a Florida mall when her diaper fell to the ground.","url":"/WNN/video/kids-playtime-leads-diaper-drop-20563353","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}