Kimmel and Kenneth

ABC News’ Kenneth Moton sits down with late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel to pick his brain about how to be funny on TV… and to prove to the world the two are actually friends.
3:46 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for Kimmel and Kenneth
In case you haven't heard and the knicks and Jimmy Kimmel taking his show on the road and bringing it right here to our very own backyard for Jimmy's annual pilgrimage back to his native Brooklyn we sat down with the man the comedian elected to the Scots. This show. Enemies. We're here although he ran for just slightly less time than Felicity Huffman will be imprisoned so. Jimmy Kimball back to Brooklyn when night you're with actor Benedict number bachelor Kelly Ripa show he's great white got. You hear a abruptly. Sitting down with the left in his native beat K and helping us out on world news now. Where that show that comes on. Like two hours after yours in right to our bill what we have some of the same viewers we call ours the insomniacs. Any advice. Four outs on our show world news now idol do love the idea that right now. It's the middle of the night in the people like me who love being up at night or. Who are disturbed that can't sleep I am Pacific ethnic or a lot of women are feeding there be new moms ago I'm iams. Shout out to the new moms because. Those in the those that's who you really want to commit apple. I like it I just like we view on this side right here IA we're on the serious news man that's debatable. That's on me and using the show right and I think the chef at but you know we stopped by and as and a name meant ennui I try to tell a joke. What I've learned. Joke telling us hard. So we get byes to me at all Tom Welch surround yourself with sick offense that's my advice people who laugh at anything you say and then you won't even know you're not funny. Say get out bump your family psychotic. That's an oak. Seventeen seasons and on ABC in the late night host has come face it pays with one celebrity after another but does he remember the most famous one of them all. Mean I say tell people were friends oh. War all our friends. Irish examiner. Yep I'm sure die and I just have to prove it to Jimmy do you remember me Indian army times we've. Matt. How many times in climbers are remembering what what's coming doesn't mean honestly do you know the exact not to know the exact. Never frenzy ammunition this is well. You know what's weird because you're on TV so and I have seen yeah. Let me help you just get in the tape here and visit us here is your first time here OK Laura. There was also that time in Philadelphia and two years ago when I went to TV show in LA did your data has given me a to warn him to oh my gag. Amy woods or that brought. I wanted to prove they're right that we're actually friends we ask you know each other nights we you've done is the opposite how EEP c because. It we're really frenzied plan looking into what do you know I was I try kind of thing Taliban like you can you actually are fan of the celebrities who come on your show and I'm not all of them. How do you feel about me. I like things to me but for work on her relationship. Partner. Particularly to reverse we're gonna put this in my house. Though there sure glad now that will be Jimmy south of LA that's great right so clearly your friends now so aggressively four times. Now we've met if on the record I documented their really big. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel we have so much about with them out and we wish him the best of luck for the next couple days that he finishes out the we pretty strong. The night it got Bill Murray. Senator Bernie Sanders the big show and I am Treasury's gonna and we got Eddy Murphy is well so. And all the while will be working on your relationship you go out and I'll be there right there with them. Not because we're friends and that's what friends there.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"ABC News’ Kenneth Moton sits down with late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel to pick his brain about how to be funny on TV… and to prove to the world the two are actually friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66466446","title":"Kimmel and Kenneth","url":"/WNN/video/kimmel-kenneth-66466446"}