New kitchen gadgets for you

The one and only Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off some high-tech gadgets to meet your culinary needs.
3:41 | 03/22/18

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Transcript for New kitchen gadgets for you
Welcome back so we're almost seven point technology wise where our kitchen gadgets can cook our food for us almost. Until that happens there are so many of gadgets that can make our lives a little bit easier Dick DeBartolo is here to tell us all about it you're just back from the housewares show house for shows this supremely over the the preview is here in New York petty stuff from both actually. So cocoa coffee do you get caught now familiar and unfamiliar objects cobra coffee is something different. So you add water and India and some grinds and then it's immoral war and the company says it's up to 80% less acidity and they say used filtered water of New York City what is fine with me or were everywhere where we ought mid initiated a bullet then you have to wait. Twelve point four hours. You push that little button want to take things can happen is you can just drink a cup of coffee. I know I've made it a little bit weak that was my first try at all this is kinda neat. Is that it goes directly into a thermal carafe. Yeah and then you throw ice in there you put the cap on. You can take you cold brew coffee directly to be and it's good to see the video because when you started at broad and get your hair was dark and then blown up. A cuddle you lose than just a little grayer whatever it is time to about fifty but this is really need a OK this is from caloric. And this is the easy pour waffle maker you don't open the waffle maker. Oh you know that I get a jays are you mix up the bad and you'd take a couple that they did hit the cup and report directly. Into the waffle maker now that's all. And the waffle batter slides down. OK and then there's a little green light that will go on and off to tell you that it is making the waffle. And then you open it and you. Perfect Belgian waffle I'm very end after getting a waffle Alan. It's about a seven inch waffle and it's about an inch thick. And it's it tasted really kind and the benefit of that is that what it is benefit that is you don't take a cop and still there Alan and that's it it. I did it runs out the sides. She isn't clean look at her go pot. This is a neat idea yes that you can show that so it has bears on the bottom. And the company says that increases the cooking surface okay. So PG Indy doesn't test and you can cope. Thirty to fifty times faster with all these thin so there's a line of them. And Turbo pot is the law prohibiting me that's a pretty kneecap. And other lesser guy and very interesting. So there are something like five billion pounds of styrofoam going in to land yes this company takes tons of it. Makes little pellets and out of the pellets they produce picture frame. It's so you have picture frames that are good looking put you doing good for the environment because they getting rid of styrofoam. And very reasonably priced they started seven books but it didn't and you can't even tie. All that they were made out of start knowing that I'll say is like like metal they were pretty high quality very lightweight but promote from a distance. They look like different materials how many years away are we from god no good I guess it Beckham physical distance OK how many years are we away from having actual robots that it will be cooking furry. For estimate the way we're going out I think Friday. Our rate cut down may have from Friday. All right because of his did you Mirko thank you so much for being here with us of course you can get more at. His was out bids for WN and fans are Kabul's professional auction release time.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The one and only Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off some high-tech gadgets to meet your culinary needs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53927231","title":"New kitchen gadgets for you","url":"/WNN/video/kitchen-gadgets-53927231"}