Lance Armstrong Claims Doping Wasn't a Secret

Armstrong's defense in lawsuit against the government is that it should have known he was doping.
2:44 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Lance Armstrong Claims Doping Wasn't a Secret
Good evening everyone we're talking about Lance Armstrong and that is once again -- the things that he sang so now he apparently claims that this lawsuit that he's facing against the government because there. United States Postal Service is suing him a multi million dollar lawsuit. Saying that they want damages obviously because of his doping scandal he now says they should have known without doping scandal. Because all of the media coverage we're talking about a 120 million dollar lawsuit here. His attorneys apparently say. The post office the Postal Service renewed this sponsorship agreement and basked in -- favorable split publicity of its sponsorship. So saying not only did they know about it but -- they -- -- -- contract with him and that it's all their father also claiming that there's a statute of limitations which has expired and therefore. They are not do and me and damages neither is. That he denied denied denied denied adds nothing to do with it and -- Take right so even though he was denying it publicly they still should've known better because people in the media what does everybody was saying we don't because everybody else is speculation patient now back -- -- make much sense but a whole lot of what he's done doesn't make much about that Amanda finds update -- champions. Little little buyer and speaking of -- -- We -- she acts basically -- the way off -- learning that the judges granted their request to extend her psychiatric hold for another two weeks. So she will stay there for at least two more weeks her parents stricken land. Are said to be headed to court on Friday in Ventura county California they will try to request temporary conserve or -- that daughter basically means they'll look after her. If they can get that done and then Bob -- idea that parents believe that she is now unable to look after herself personally and financially that tidbit from. Radar online now although it's going to be difficult for a minute about what happens apparently according to TMC. They don't believe she'll be charged with any other crops had been right after gets a helping hand turnaround that's I think that's what she needs at this point I'm making an apparent just -- she gets. Okay announcing he Jackman who apparently has a little. When you call it -- -- a sex craze where he role playing is full on Wolverine cost him. -- in the that -- with his wife yes this is not kinda strange. He's guy that. The blaze an all in the bedroom he's now the lowering -- and obviously it's really just the blades it's just -- -- be all areas and just that his hot and is but if he apparently was doing this promotion you know he's promoting Wolverine movie obviously he's talking into the sun in an interview interview and he goes all the -- to lead. By the way his life has been have been married since 1996 -- -- -- kids awaited this day get it yet do we go about.

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{"id":19779138,"title":"Lance Armstrong Claims Doping Wasn't a Secret","duration":"2:44","description":"Armstrong's defense in lawsuit against the government is that it should have known he was doping.","url":"/WNN/video/lance-armstrong-claims-doping-secret-19779138","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}