Laughing Baby Video Becomes a Web Hit

Tommy can't seem to get enough of his father's juggling.
2:55 | 08/26/13

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Transcript for Laughing Baby Video Becomes a Web Hit
Part time for the -- let's go to the latest viral video it's a lot of fun if you don't smile this you must be asleep and clearly not so I think he'll put a smile on face. It debating Levin added that juggling and my first read the story I thought that was being good generally well. -- -- -- -- And never get -- everything -- gone and have a good. Yeah seven Mohamed Al yeah. That's kids' -- and another viral video aren't buying that weather called Michael -- all the money he's learned so I had no idea. -- -- like I'm really short video with like a compilation Aly can't kids dress up as a -- they put on about diet and -- go -- to do some -- into the ground. Nice take -- listen to that kind of fanning. -- Political analysts are under the Stephon a look at the sixth season -- Let there and a look at what they've analyzed throughout the format war at -- Russian people think it's because we're -- -- we -- expand their repertoire has got to be on the nerdy thing and you decide now. Now I thought there was more to the I don't want him anymore I have an ordinary being -- the -- Whose original name Kristin Chenoweth listen on this calling up an audience member -- he wet and -- She turns out to be a music a voice teacher Christian gentleman doesn't notice -- the time due to the Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles Friday night she calls up this woman from Southern California Saro born to sing for good a duet from -- listening to this. Okay. Good -- with her she is awesome. And -- -- woman missing and answered tonight I will never forget. I don't know why acting consistent only because good stories I've always a little little skeptical journalists and yeah. I feel like she wasn't playing like that's just a little too crazy to actually be -- but hey it could be real well now it was real bad at stake Chris -- a good actress. -- -- -- Aren't really quickly 130 -- -- may be mainly. -- can't get Duchess of York may have rekindled their romance isn't according to friends they say that they're so close they may actually consider every marriage but. The duchess -- continue to live in the same house as the duke by the way has strawberry has issued a strongly worded denials from.

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{"id":20068700,"title":"Laughing Baby Video Becomes a Web Hit","duration":"2:55","description":"Tommy can't seem to get enough of his father's juggling.","url":"/WNN/video/laughing-baby-video-web-hit-20068700","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}