Lawmakers to set ground rules for House vote on impeachment

Moderate Democrats are facing backlash as they announce how they’ll vote. ABC News’ Ines de La Cuetara reports.
2:29 | 12/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lawmakers to set ground rules for House vote on impeachment
In Petri showed out of Washington as coming to a head with a history making vote set for tomorrow. Moderate Democrats in districts won by president trump got an earful at town halls from people on both sides of the issue. But they say they'll vote to impeach the president even if it means losing their seats in congress. Meanwhile over in the senate Democrats are doubling down on their demand for key witnesses. ABC the math talker Tara has the latest from Capitol Hill and that's good morning. Good morning Kenneth and dialogue members of the house rules committee are meeting this morning to figure out how long before debate should be before the full house votes on impeachment. And is the impeachment process in house wraps up lawmakers are now turning that turning their focus to that impending senate trial. This morning the house rules committee meeting for a marathon session to set the ground rules for this week's final full house vote on impeachment pursue this as many moderate Democrats from trump districts face backlash from both sides. As they announced how they planned to vote. Okay. Congress from Illinois has not been getting good cheered and food as she her parents plans to vote yes I would be voting yes on obstruction of congress. In New Jersey congressman Jeff van drew will oppose impeachment he's even planning to switch parties and become a Republican. Causing most of his staff to resign with impeachment expected to pass the house on Wednesday the focus is now turning to a senate trial. Democrats doubling down on their demand to hear from four witnesses the White House had blocked from testifying. Including acting chief of staff make more blini and former national security advisor John Bolton. These people know better than anybody else the facts there is no reason on God's green earth. Why they shouldn't be cold and testify unless you're afraid of what they might say. Republicans are promising total coordination with the White House. I am clearly made Obama and I'm not trying to hide the fact that I have the staying for. The accusations in the process so I don't needy witnesses. And Schumer is now set to meet with senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to figure out the terms of that senate trial was Schumer is indicated he would like the trial to start. On January 6 in the week of January 6 and haven't go for about three weeks. But ultimately McConnell will have the final say and he's indicated he would like a speedy trial Kenneth and are locked and asked live on Capitol Hill thank you.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Moderate Democrats are facing backlash as they announce how they’ll vote. ABC News’ Ines de La Cuetara reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67771247","title":"Lawmakers to set ground rules for House vote on impeachment","url":"/WNN/video/lawmakers-set-ground-rules-house-vote-impeachment-67771247"}